November 1, 2009

November - A Look Ahead

What a difference a month makes! I would have never dreamed a month ago that my October plans for hobbies and relaxation would get completely altered! Who knew that Grey Havens cottage would suddenly be sold after many months of waiting? October turned out to be a surprise whirlwind of activities and emotions. November will shape up to be even busier! But no matter what, we will be taking countless moments to be thankful that our life plans are now becoming a reality. This Thanksgiving holiday will take on a whole new and special meaning for us!

Monumental changes are in store for us in the days ahead. We will continue our daunting job of packing. In a few weeks, we will be moving into a rental condominium home and assume a “camping campaign”, with most of our possessions stored in the basement of the rental home. With the sale of our property, we will say goodbye to our dear cottage which we built 17 years ago and the lovely country acreage that we reshaped. And, we will embark on the building of our new Grey Havens cottage in a villa subdivision just a few miles away. The new cottage will be ready for us in the May–June timeframe. We’re ready for the next life journey in store for us!

In the midst of all of this activity, there will be a little time for rest. Before all of these sudden changes happened, we made reservations to stay again at Kentucky’s historic Beaumont Inn for Thanksgiving. And this year, we will be joined by two dear friends of ours! It will be a glorious Thanksgiving celebration!

I will be posting as time permits this month and give you a few updates as we achieve our milestones. Thank you, my sweet friends, for your patience and support!


  1. As I read this, the word bittersweet came to mind. While you're moving on to a new life, you're leaving behind all the hard work you put into making Grey Havens a wonderful place to live.

    Another friend of mine will be moving in January; leaving her family home of over 60 years. I will miss her as she's moving out of town, but I'm happy for her as I am you! ((hugs))

  2. It's tiring but exciting all at the same time. I can't wait to see pictures and hear more!
    Love ya

  3. I just found your response to my blog concerning hair color/knee surgery. Yes, I have to have both knees at a time. The risk of heart attack/stroke is much higher when you do both at once, so Dr. says no. Which is fine with me....huge history of heart disease in my family. Rather not take additional risks! This came on fairly suddenly, like 1 1/2 years ago a lot of pain. Finally went to the Dr. this summer...severe osteoarthritis in both knees. AAGGHH...too much for me to handle! I have heard really good things and horror stories....I'm sure every case is different. But thanks for thinking of me!

  4. How exciting for you two as you get ready to step into a new stage in your life! It kinda makes me sad though that you will be leaving a home that you built with love for 17 years. All the memories, but then I think of all your new memories and adventures to come! i couldn't be happier for you! :)
    ((hugs & blessings))

  5. It can be really fun to have Thanksgiving at an inn! We moved so much we often did that! But it was fun, sort of an expatriate-like feeling among the diners!

  6. Hi Donna,
    I know that you are very happy to be moving on in your life, so I don't feel too bad about you leaving Gray Havens... just that I won't get to see photos of it anymore. However, I'm sure your new home will be just as lovely in a smaller way, because you'll put so much of yourself into it.

    It is good that you can get around at least a little bit more with your knee healing to the extent that it has. I know your determination has a lot to do with that, as well.

    It's all so exciting! I know that you have questioned the timing on all of this many times. I know you wish it had happened much sooner, and so do I. But at least now - it's HAPPENING! At last.

    Hugs, Jackie

  7. Big Changes are happening alright!
    It is amazing how thing happen in "Their " timing not ours...
    Enjoy the journey and all the best with the packing and all!

  8. Must be an Exciting time for you both sweetie!!
    Thanks so much for the "photo" help! Haven't gotten a chance to sit and study, but I will!
    Rest when you can!!hughugs

  9. How exciting for you - a new chapter! Sometimes I think I would love new surroundings for a change. Then I think of the 28 years of 'stuff' we've accumulated that would need to be moved (shudder), it quickly brings me back to reality! Wishing you speedy packing, sorting, and yard-saling!

    Thank you for the comment about Spotty and his lamp :)... Donna


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