December 9, 2009

Homebuilding - Ready, Set, Go!

Are you ready to see the beginning of our homebuilding adventure? Above is the streetlight that is on the corner of our property. And shown below is our lot! The villa section of the subdivision is located on a hill. Our little plot of land backs up to a beautiful wooded section of a common area. You might spot in the picture a band of silt fencing to prevent soil erosion down the hill during the construction phase. The two large trees in the middle were destined for removal because they were too close to the house footprint.

We knew that Builder Mike was getting serious when we saw the power pole onsite and waiting for installation on the day we signed the contract!

And as soon as there was a break in the weather, they got going on the clearing work!

Tree cutting was on the priority list.

A timber pile was placed near the front of the lot, ready for pickup and recycling.

Look at this huge stump! It is always sad to take down such beautiful trees, but it had to be done for the safety of our new home.

Stay tuned for more news as Builder Mike makes progress in the groundbreaking!


  1. Oh I'm so glad that you are taking us on this journey with you!
    BIG hugs

  2. How exciting. Your lot is very nice. I have that lamp post. hahahaha

    Looking forward to this adventure with you and hubby!! :)

  3. WOW! how exciting!
    Hope Santa has the new addy...I don't and have a Chrissy card here waiting to post to you....

  4. WoW! Mike the builder moves FAST!! What a Gorgeous lot Donna! Can't Wait for things to get ripping!!
    I would LOVE to learn how to build my Own blogsite!! All those html's and codes and things!!Hahaa...But the only way to get what you want it to learn them...such a pain, but Could be fun...My other suggestion is to check out some of those blogsites that charge to fix one For you...they are on my blogroll under "Not free" backgrounds...I don't think it cost to just Ask...When I had mine done, it only cost 40.00

  5. Oooo Exciting!! We've never had a house built but I've heard good and bad things. Hope all goes well for you!

  6. Hi Donna,
    What a beautiful lot! You had some major changes this year but this one sounds very exciting!! Can't wait to see it as it comes into place!

  7. what a beautiful backdrop for your suits you and your love for birds and nature. Even that old stump is photogenic under your lens!!!
    wow...they are coming along great!


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