February 8, 2010

Applying Photo Textures

Thank you so much for all of the lovely comments on my recent picture of a new horse neighbor! I would like to show you the value of using a textured layer to a photo. The above side-by-side comparison shows you the dramatic difference. Adding a textured layer doesn’t cover the sins of a technically poor shot. But it does provide visual interest!

The day that I took this image was a dreary one, and the washed out sky greatly detracts from the beautiful subject. So I added a coffee-colored layer to give richness to the overall image, erasing out the texture, as needed, on the horse subject. The layer I used was one of textured backgrounds provided by the talented and generous blogger at ShadowHouse Creations. If you would like to give this technique a try, there are several tutorials on digital editing with background layers on YouTube, including this particularly helpful one.


  1. You are quite good at this photo editing...thanks for sharing your tips on this. The horse is lovely!

  2. Dearest Donna: I'm just beginning the photshop challenge, and I mean beginning. the class I would have like to take filled up before my name was added so I've decided to try reading about it, and while I love what you do I really have no clue on what you're doing. My big question is now that you have done all this lovely layering, can you then print this in this state? With the improvements.

  3. Irene - The answer is yes! You save it with the layering changes as a new file. You can save it as a psd file, which keeps all the layers intact so that you can make adjustments later on to what you did; or else you can "flatten" the image (merge all layers together) as a jpeg file. Either type file will print the altered image. Please look back at a previous post I did about photo books, in case you want to get some (post topic: photographic information).

  4. wow, that is so cool. wish there was something
    like that to improve my writing!

  5. That is so good. I keep meaning to start learning to edit pictures, and I keep putting it off. There's so much information in your blog, that I should go back and read and learn.

  6. Donna I LOVE it!!...I've been wanting to try some textures!!

    Hey, guess what?! You won the Jeanne Winters Giveaway on my blog!! Congrats!! email me so I can get you in touch with Jeanne - you get your choice of a print or her book!! tidymom at charter dot net


  7. Thanks for the info. I love the finished result! Hope all is well at your place. Did you get snow? News said 49 states got snow today. We just got rain here in our valley. It's suppose to be in the 50's the next few days. Probably a false spring to get my hopes up... then winter will give a last ferocious blast!

    Nita Jo

  8. Ah, nice texture Donna.
    I came looking for the Color Red post. Must be a bit early.
    I did a post myself, but missed the cutoff apparently!

  9. Hello,

    While meandering about I have come to your blog and your textures photo caught my eye as I have been wanting to learn more about creating this technique. Thank you for the links! I will enjoy checking then out.

    Kindly, ldh


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