February 24, 2010

Stack-O-Bricks Transformed!

Lookie! We have brick on our new home! Gorgeous, yummy, chocolate-colored brick! What is the next outside task? Painting the colors we selected! Bye-bye to baby-poop yellow primer color! As soon as the weather is warm enough, the front porch will get a concrete floor and then outfitted with pillars and posts.

Sheetrock mudding continues inside and fine sanding will happen in the next day or two. After another round of cleanup, inside painting will start with a primer coat on all the walls.

The construction work is zipping along! Builder Mike says that we’re running about two weeks ahead of schedule right now. So that translates to a move in mid-May.


  1. Thanks for visiting Donna. I do hope that one day you get to Australia too! Let me know when you are coming. Like you, I need to downsize...a big task for me to undertake. Whew. Right now I am flat out coping with jet lag, and a very bad leg/hip/knee. What a thought might be sciatica, the doctor sent me for a hip x-ray this morning. This afternoon, I go back to him to see what is the problem!
    The trip and the house look great! Wow..fancy running ahead of schedule. Well done!
    "baby beluga" was a song I recently learnt very well while singing it to my grandson in NY ...very cute!

  2. Man! It is looking REALLY good. I am so excited for you all and to be running AHEAD of schedule is fantastic!

  3. Oh,....how exciting! I've never had a house built, but it sure seems like you are enjoying the progress.

  4. Oh my,..it's really coming along now isn't it? How exciting!

  5. What a BEAUTIFUL house Donna!! Love the Chocolate brick!!!
    Where's me and Marty's room????Hahaaa

  6. Oh, the house is looking beautiful! I love the color of the brick. May will be here before you know it. It's great that your builder is ahead of time. I think that's pretty rare.

    Nita Jo

  7. Donna, you are going to have a beautiful home
    when it's finished. How exciting!


  8. Looking good. You didn't want a skylight in the front porch overhang? I do. I'm finding my kitchen so dark with the porch overhang. Then again maybe you're in a sunnier location.

  9. i think your water's about to bust !
    geesh they're movin fast-- to me at least.
    it's gorgeous !!!
    happy for you

  10. Donna, it looks great! I bet you guys are just so excited! Builder Mike sounds like a good guy and to be ahead of schedule is great! I think this year is going to be a good one for you!!

  11. it looks so fab! and if you're making this much progress in winter...wait until early spring!

  12. Boy, glad I didn't tell the lil' white lie that I liked the yellow color you picked out...tee hee...glad it's primer and not the final color!!! House sure went up quick.

  13. Donna, you new home looks really great! I love the brick wall!

  14. Oh those chocolate bricks are wonderful looking. How cool to be two weeks ahead! You must be getting increasingly excited by all that is going on and eager to make this move.


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