April 17, 2010

Homebuilding Progress: It's A'Going

overall progress - April 15

I know that many of you are wondering how the homebuilding project is coming along. It’s a’going! There has been a LOT of activities since my last report, but many are not very photogenic. Do you really need to see the trenches for the electrical and water/sewer lines, as well as the new electrical box? Not really, LOL! And most of the last two weeks has been devoted to interior painting, keeping us outside and away from paint spray and sanding dust. The project has been in a phase where it seems like work is at a standstill, but it’s really not!

As you can see from the picture above, the initial yard leveling has been completed, and we now have a concrete driveway and walkway to the front porch. It’s a bit of a drop-off from the porch down to the walk, so another step will need to be constructed in the days ahead. Now, if Builder Mike would only get that 2x4 board off of the front porch roof, where it has been sitting since the first of February. It keeps ruining my pictures, LOL!

front walkway

During the past couple of weeks, the finish carpenters completed the construction of judges paneling and pillars in the dining room. It was really interesting to see how they were assembled in several layers. I don’t have a picture right now of them all painted up, so you’ll have to see the finished results later on.

judges paneling in the dining room

a freshly painted dining room column

We now have a back porch - hooray! All the work is not quite done out here. It’s missing the crown molding, trim painting, electrical outlets, and ceiling fan. But we’re cheered to see the structure in! We’re really looking forward to enjoying this outdoor room. Among several other “firsts”, this will be our first ever screened-in porch. We christened it already by tossing back a few beers and enjoying a gentle spring breeze.

screened-in back porch, ready for final detailing

The bubble glass is now in the lighted kitchen cabinet. Kitchen and bathroom countertops were also recently installed. We got New Venetian Gold granite for the kitchen and powder room. And, we picked out cultured marble for the master and guest baths, both in a swirly light mocha color called Sedona.

bubble glass in the kitchen

kitchen cabinets and countertop (pardon the construction dust)

I’m still not ready to do the “big reveal” on the kitchen yet. You’ll just have to wait until the whole shebang is finished. So have patience, everyone...

Next week is going to be a doozy. Electrical and plumbing fixtures are stacked up in the garage, waiting for the pros to work their magic. The hot water system is going in. The HVAC units arrive and get hooked up. Tile installation for the kitchen is on the checklist. Closet shelving will go in. More trim work will happen in the great room.  The exterior wood corbels and shutters have arrived.  Those will get coated with stain/finish, in addition to the porch columns, and then hung.  The initial stages of landscaping will also start. Will the place be humming with activity? Double-check.

It’s a’going, folks, and we’re headed for the home stretch. We figure that we’re now about a month away from hanging our sign at the new Grey Havens!


  1. Oh Wow Donna! I LOVE it! That Judges paneling is Wonderful!! The house is taking on a Vintage look which I adore!
    Love the bubble glass!
    It's all going to go so Fast now!!
    Hang on to Marty's Hat!!Hahaa

  2. For a while there I was keeping my fingers crossed that the pathway would be curved...yay! You didn't disappoint. Everything is just so top shelf. It looks fantastic and I, of course, love the porch ceiling.

  3. Looking absolutely wonderful, I bet you can't wait.

  4. Donna , everything is just wonderful..I am so happy for you both to be nearing the end of contruction ...it is a lovely lovely home!

  5. Oh man! Everything is looking so great and I love that you christened the porch already! LOL!
    Can't wait to see the finished kitchen. I can tell already that I'm going to be a bit envious. Love the bubble glass. Will you be my Mommy? LOL! Sorry having a moment.
    Have a great weekend my friend.

  6. Everything looks fantastic. I just love the dining room and that screened in porch

  7. Oh goodness gracious, heavenly days. It's looking AMAZING. I love the judge's panels. So pretty!!

    Of course, my favorite is the screen porch! I can't wait until you're all moved in, and we have a partay!! I might even have a beer with ya!! :)

    Seriously, Donna, I'm SO happy for you guys!!

  8. Oh My I soooooo Have kitchen envy!
    How cool is the bubble glass eh?

  9. Oh wow Donna. It sure is coming along nicely. I love the kitchen counter!

  10. How lovely to be getting a new home but, of course, I bet it seems to be taking forever!

  11. i love it alllll. even your fancy lingo for some of the stuff :)) did you really say "powder room"? haha . i laughed at that. do you say that in real life? haha. sorry -- just funny to me-- i'm such an un-couth ole redneck, sailor potty mouth. i just don't say - or even hear that 'round here. you really are s/b aintchya.
    oh i kid. you are sweet and not boring. i have never been bored by you--- you always say somethin entertaining. like powder room.

    and hey-- have a beer or twelve for me on that porch-- i sure wish mine was screened-- just a bit too narrow to do that .. but the mosquitoes are sooo huge ya can't let the dogs out without slappin a few off of ya inside the house a few minutes later. need some skeeter nets out here.

    anyhow-- you don't fret about uncle sam and me-- that was a poor year, it's not like we owe-- we just don't know how. this one is done- now we shall focus on the other one. wanna do it? i'll pay ya. really-- we didn't make any money-- it's prolly easy- just not for us. cuz we're-- well, us.

    happy house building--

  12. crap-- i meant to re-read that-- :((

  13. Hi Donna! Thanks for entering my blog giveaway/contest. I'm excited to be here on your blog, taking a look around. Marty sure is a fantastic greeter! Your new home is going to be lovely. Best of luck to you, Mitzi

  14. It's coming along wonderfully!! I heart, heart, HEART, your screened in back porch!!!!

  15. What a lovely home!!! Thank you for sharing.
    God bless you.

  16. Your home is looking so beautiful already! I bet you can't wait for everything to be done!

  17. The house becomes a home. It is beautiful! How exciting for and all of us who follow the progess! Hope you are well and thriving. Moving day must be close at hand.

  18. Donna, it's gorgeous! I love the wainscoting in the dining room!

    Thanks for the idea of using parchment paper under my paper doilies when I coffee dye them! Fabulous idea!!!


  19. Wow it is so beautiful already! The view from the backporch is wonderful!! I am so very happy for you both!
    Many Blessings~Judy

  20. Love it all Donna, but especially the back porch! Perfect!

  21. i'm really suffering porch envy.

  22. Forgive me for not visiting more often. Life happens and time gets away from me. You're doing fantastically well on your photos and I LOVE your new home. I bet you can't wait to move in. Had I been more on the ball, I would have known about your giveaway and posted it on my sidebar. I'll conme more often in the future. You have a l lovely blogsite.


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