May 8, 2010

Homebuilding Progress - More Details

The wood floor finishing is taking longer than planned because of high humidity, typical for this time of year. So our construction schedule has slid some critical days. We’re still planning on moving in before the end of the month. The last-minute “to do” list is getting whittled down and details are getting accomplished. And it is all looking gorgeous. The bath hardware is now in place, along with the master bath mirror and shower door. Door hardware is 95% installed. Closets are done. With the exception of wire shelving in my studio closet, all of the closets have been outfitted with solid shelving.

Decorative wood corbels are now gracing the front porch columns and corbels will soon be added to the roof eaves. The old-fashioned shutters are now in place, including hardware for closing them and holding them open. These types of touches give the exterior a historical craftsman flair.

exterior shutter detail

To have a little rustic flavor in the kitchen, we chose simple squares of tumbled stone tiles for the kitchen backsplash. Paired with a complimentary pencil railing, the beauty of the tiles comes from natural color variations and imperfections. A matte sealer will help us keep them clean. We were really excited to see how it tied in the whole look of the kitchen. One backsplash wall is done and another one is waiting for completion next week.

stone tile sample

stone tile backsplash design and granite countertop

I don’t know if I have mentioned it before or not, but we had the standard floor plan significantly changed in the great room. Instead of a cathedral ceiling, we asked Builder Mike to put in a raised trey ceiling. A convenient walk-in storage room is located above this room now, instead of a great expanse of waste air space. Later on (after painting touchups), I will show the overall view of the trey ceiling. But here is a taste of the how the trey is decorated with bead board, beams, and a jazzy ceiling fan. The great room really has a cozy feel to it.

great room trey ceiling detail and ceiling fan

And if Brenda, my blog buddy, ever comes to visit us, the screened-in back porch is where we will be headed to visit and enjoy some liquid refreshments. (She has been totally loving this porch, LOL.) Except for a little cleanup of the walls, decking, and door, it’s all ready for many lounging days ahead. With the porch located right off of the kitchen, sweet hubby is anxious to put a gas grill out there right after we move in. And sometime this summer, we hope to also add some relaxation chairs and a little dining set.

screened-in back porch

Foundation plantings are now in and the flowerbeds are defined with shredded mulch. After the gas line to the house is installed this next week, then the yard will get a final grading and sod will be laid. We’re crossing our fingers that a LOT the remaining detail work and touch-up painting will get accomplished by next weekend!


  1. Oh Donna, everything is Beautiful!! That's the Same stone that I have on my backsplash! I Love it!!
    Love that porch!!
    Love it All!!Hahaaa

  2. ooolala - so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it too.

    Now wait just a doggone minute - I've been tellin' you all along how much I love the back porch, girl!! So, if Brenda goes, I'm going too!! lol

  3. Gorgeous! I absolutely cannot wait to see the whole finished house!

  4. Oh I'm in love with everything already! You all did an excellent job at picking things out!
    I can't wait to see it all decorated with your personal touches!

  5. Wow! You have a real flair for putting things together.
    That simple stone tile looks so Uninteresting on it's own but the next picture it has real wow factor!!!!...I love the earthy natural look of stones and timbers....I like slate too!
    Your home is sure to look fantastic

  6. Oh, this is all so exciting! Your granite and backsplash look a lot like mine. It is all so very beautiful! I know you are ready for it to be all finished and to be moved into it. It's been a long time coming.

  7. Just beautiful. Loving those shutters and the tile. The porch I'm drooling over. I want one of those :)

  8. hahaha-- sally i've been here all along too :)) looks like the race is on-- that or you'll have to be there the end of june :)) cuz that's when me and the soul-clan are headin that way... and hopin to hit that porch -- whith some iced tea- or home made lemon-aide ---

    donna-- looks like all is ok there-- were the photos taken before or after the flooding? know anything about kentucky lake-Camden area? that's where we're sposed to go on vacation.. do you think it's gonna be back to normal by then?

    hope all is well in your world. worried about ya here. i've been too busy to check on tn. stuff. but i haven't heard much good about it,

    i got stuck in the back today -- i'm alive, that's about all i can say for now. :))

  9. hey again- i just saw the message you left on my blog-- i think i'm runnin in reverse today - bleh.
    anyhow-- i kinda messed with your porch photo-- email me your email- and i'll send it to you :)) bwa hahahahaha-- i put me on your porch ha!
    happy monday-- well, what's left of it.

    and hey-- if i have to change my p;ans -- what's a good lake to go to -- not real far - but in the direction of VA? any idea-- a place that didn't get flooded?


  10. oh, one more thing-- if the gas grill isn't bought yet? go with a 'big green egg' .. google it -- also ask Donna -- they have one too. as do we. nothin tastes better than the magic the egg can produce !!!!

    bona petit`

  11. What a beautiful screened in porch!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway!

  12. Oh you're brave to make some adjustments, but you'll be so glad that you did, I think. Nothing like extra storage space. Everything is looking so the look of the backsplashes. Are they easy to clean? You don't know yet, but you'll tell us I hope pretty soon!

  13. Okay, you don't have verification. My mind! Ackkkk!!!

  14. Oops, I forgot to stick around long enough to put in the verification. Oh well! Everything I said was very complimentary! Love it!

  15. What beautiful details! Love the wood and tiles! Your new home isa work of love!


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