June 3, 2010

Just in Case...

Just in case you saw a weird post of mine on your sidebar, please don't freak out. Blog buddy Jeannette tipped me off a little while ago and was wondering what was going on with my blog.

It's a simple explanation.  I am getting tired of Blogger format problems and plan to try Microsoft Live Writer sometime next week. I downloaded  the program and it had to do a test post for set up. The post got deleted afterwards, so it no longer exists.

So I'm still here and my blog is not messed up. There's a photo challenge coming up this Saturday and I'm not going to miss that! And you won't want to miss my photos either!

(P.S. Thank you, Jeannette!)  


  1. I didn't see any weird post, but your bunny photo is adorable!!

  2. Donna, try using the http://draft.blogger.com interface. It is a thousand times better than the usual non-beta interface!!!

  3. Where did you get the cute bunny image? Is it Beatrix Potter? Love the soft colors in it.

  4. Yes, indeed, Nita Jo! It is a Beatrix Potter illustration. It's not commonly seen. You're welcome to snag it if you wish!


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