June 2, 2010

June - A Look Ahead

I have to come up for air and do a blog post! Enough is enough! We are still scooping out moving boxes and it is getting downright tiresome, LOL. Where did all this stuff come from? How many hours is it until the next trash pickup? Will we ever find those objects that we obviously know are missing?

Hello, it is June, sweet June! This is the month devoted to unpacking, cleaning, and organizing. It has been - and still is - a mess. But we’re already creating some semblance of organization in a few rooms. We’re settling in, even though we’ve only been here just a little over a week. We haven’t had time to enjoy the neighborhood or relax. We hope to get to those goals in the weeks ahead.

It has been both wondrous and humorous as we unpack boxes that were closed up a long time ago. It’s like a treasure hunt! And yes, we look at a few things and think “why did we pack THIS?” You are probably wondering if we have decorated yet. Ha! Let’s worry about that in July and August! First we have to finish the archeological digging and figure out a place for things in an entirely new configuration and smaller spaces. For example, I already went “uh-oh” when I unpacked stacks of quilts and coverlets that used to hang on balcony railings. We have no such hanging places at this new cottage. Some possessions cherished or not, will be relegated to the storage room until we figure out whether we can truly keep them.

We’re looking forward to the installation of window shades tomorrow. We placed the order about 5 weeks ago, and have been squeaking by with some sheets and duck tape since we moved in. Curtains are not in our plans. We love the beautiful woodwork here and want to try a fresh and clean look. We also had all of our area rugs carted off to the storage room. We’re going to live without them for a while and see how we do. So far, we are not missing them one bit.

We turned in a punch list to Builder Mike this week. So we will be having visits by various workers in the days ahead. There are items on our “to do” list also, such as hanging mirrors and a shelf in the laundry room. We have already created shopping lists and started on errands to get necessary supplies. Ah, it’s all part of the moving aftermath!

For a little diversion, we plan to take a short trip up to Berea, Kentucky, this month. I signed up for a Santa-making class! It is by the nationally known doll artist, Lindy Evans. I have admired her work for years and have bought some of her creations. She swears that anyone can make a Santa in her one-day class. We’ll see about that claim! Want to place bets on how much mine will look like a bedraggled Gimli after a weekend bender? It ought to be hilarious! While I am in class, hubby will be scouting the countryside and burning up digital cards in his camera.

We have already met a few of our sweet neighbors, and they have been showering us with welcome gifts. I will be getting out some of my handmade cards and penning thank you notes for their thoughtfulness. We hope to meet more neighbors this summer.

Hold on to your britches for more pictures of our new cottage. I’ll be posting some later on this month. Sorry, but unpacking and getting settled take priority! No pestering allowed, LOL! I took some pictures of the kitchen before we started to clutter it all up. So maybe I will get to reveal what this special room looks like in the near future. The wait will be worth it. I promise.

Hello, month of June! We’re home! And we’re so glad.


  1. Okay. No pestering. Today. This week. Okay, I might give you until July. Have fun with the dig through your former lives!

  2. Omigosh! Lindy Evans' work is amazing. The detail in the faces is wonderful.

  3. Glad to hear y'all are still "on top" of things!Lolol...Keep working...you'll hopefully see daylight, soon!
    Hope you're not wearing out poor Marty!!

  4. I'm thinking that although it's a lot of work, it must also be a lot of fun setting everything up. I always said that I wanted to do a good cleaning on my house as if I was going to move. Then if I ever had to it might not be so bad...lol

  5. Well you know we can relate to each others pain. LOL! You've already been where I'm at and I'll be where you're at soon enough. LOL!

    Can't wait to see pictures!

  6. Looking Forward to seeing more piccies.
    It sounds like you have a gorgeous Neighbourhood.
    Moving is such hard work....Deep breaths

  7. You're working hard! I'm sure you will be glad for your upcoming little break!

  8. Reeeeeelax. Get settled. We'll be here, when you get a chance to post pics.


  9. kind of a love/hate thing....unpacking but finally furnishing your NEW home!!!!! happy unpacking!


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