July 4, 2010

4th of July 2010

This weathered folk art depiction of an American flag is on a building in historical Leipers Fork. We visited this charming little community last year. It is located in middle Tennessee, south of the Nashville area. The community residents and properties were greatly impacted by the flooding in early May.

I digitally altered the photograph to enhance the worn look and to evoke memories of the storm. The residents here are a resilient bunch and will undoubtedly heal and thrive in the days and years ahead.

Please say a prayer today for our troops who put themselves in harm’s way to protect us and our freedoms. Please say a prayer today for our citizens who are hurting in these current economic times. Please say a prayer today for our great Nation to survive this period of political darkness and return to common sense, fiscal discipline, and our Constitutional roots.

America will weather the storm!


  1. What an awesome image. Prayers for our military, citizens and nation as a whole are indeed part of today's agenda.

  2. Happy 4th Donna!! Hope you enjoy your 1st 4th of July in your new home!!

  3. How beautiful Donna! July 4th may be the Official Independance Day in the history books...(it's Still taught, isn't it??Lol) but the True Independance Day will be November 2nd...May God Bless and Keep the USA!

  4. nice post -- and great photo-- as usual.
    happy 4th to you and hubs.
    fire up the grill - and chill.


  5. Prayers going up as directed! WONDERFUL photo ... I love the atmospheric quality of your work. A Happy and Blessed Fourth to you, Donna!

  6. Fabulous photo, and what a great post, prayers are indeed the answer.

  7. Perfect photo for the 4th of July entry. Lovely work. So evocative of "NOW." When our Dear Beloved Country needs to hearken back to our past, in many ways. No, not in allllll ways. But yes, in some ways!

    Thank you so much for your comment on my July 2 entry. Thank you...

    Gentle hugs...

  8. LOVE the photos...thanks for sharing and hope your 4th was happy!!!

  9. From your lips to God's ears. It is a hugely challenging time for so many. Thank you for your sensitivity despite telling it like it is.

  10. Beautiful photo and lovely sentiment.

  11. Amen. Praying here all the time! ((hugs))

  12. prayers for the troops..yes. We have been losing some of our precious ones in the war overseas too lately.


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