July 9, 2010

Working It

I’m sorry to be gone so long! The decision to temporarily get back into the working world has thrown my extra-curricular activities (like blogging) by the wayside a bit. I’ve been traveling and staying away from home a lot for the past two weeks. This is turning out to be more like a full-time job that will probably keep me busy through December. Poor hubby has been doing a great job picking up the slack at the home front. And undoubtably, Marty has been into mischief without my constant supervision. Maybe he’s the one behind all the comments from Chinese bloggers who spam us with links to naughty web sites! You think?

The weather has been dreadfully hot here, with many days teasing into record territory. We finally got a little rainfall today. Yeah! The view outside our front windows has improved significantly this week. The construction dumpster finally got hauled off. Another yeah! Hubby has been seeing all kinds of wildlife while I have been gone, including deer (back yard) and coyotes (front yard). Today, he spotted a wild turkey roaming around in the back yard woods. We’ve been missing our hummingbird friends, so hubby got a new feeder and put it up right outside our dining room windows. Within minutes of filling it up with sugar water, here they came for drinks! These hummers are really brave too, so I see picture opportunities in the days ahead.

If I can get Marty, the pesky furball, out of my computer chair long enough, I’ll have a "part 2" post sometime this weekend about our beautiful kitchen here at the cottage. We have a dinner party scheduled for tomorrow. On Monday, I'm back on the road again for the job. So I plan to do some serious catching up on my blog reading on Sunday. I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th holiday celebration. I can’t wait to find out everyone’s latest adventures!

P.S. Do you like this bigger font? I'm beginning to think that my usual font size is a bit too small. Please let me know! 


  1. Sounds like you'll have no time to get into any trouble!
    Busy!...Looking forward to the hummingbird piccies..I love them but we don't get them here.
    Font size suits me:)

  2. I used to get those Chinese spam comments but since I put the word verification back on I hadn't gotten any.
    Love the picture of Marty. LOL! And I like the bigger font. The older I get the bigger the font will get. Ha!
    Have a fabulous weekend.

  3. So good to see you! Girl, I thought you retired. :)

    Enjoy the dinner party, and tell Marty to stop makin' so much trouble. ((((hugs))))

    Oh, and yes I like the font; much easier for me tired old eyes!

  4. Wow...you sure did get hummers fast! Can't wait to see some pics of them too! I have 5 hummingbird feeders all around my house. They are so fun to watch. Your new home is just beautiful!!! I always enjoy visiting your blog!


  5. Love the font size, it is easy to read. I love the idea of the hummingbird feeder, I'll have to check into that. Are you liking the wildlife, or is this not what you had in mind. My sister would be moving already, I'd love to have deer in my back yard.

  6. With all that extra money you'll bring in, you'll be able to get Marty his Own computer!Hahaaaa...My poor Marty!!Lolol
    Thanks for letting me know about the Japanese...whatever it was on the Challenge blog...Couldn't tell who it was Or if they were sincere so I deleted them...after all, they Didn't sign In to the actual Challenge!
    Don't work too hard Sweetie!

  7. word verification put an end to my spam comments. It sounds like your part time job is more hectic than my full time one..lol
    I like the bigger font. I don't have to squint a bit to read :)

  8. My hummers didn't stay..but will look forward to seeing yours. Hope the time at work is good for you and know it must be hard being away from the lovely new home right now. I like this font better also...as I get older, I find my eyes liking "bigger" LOL take it easy driving around and be safe. we mis you!

  9. Everyone - It does my tired body good to see my dear friends coming to visit and taking the time to give me a few comments! The bigger font looks like a winner. I recently changed to Explorer 7 and everything on the net somehow got tinier. So bigger font it is!

    And the assortment of wildlife around here is such a nice surprise. We are in the countryside, but in a subdivision. We have more wildlife now than on our six acres, LOL! We love it - it's like our own little zoo! I'm going to have to set up and get some hummingbird pics soon. They are just too cute for words.

    The extra income will be welcomed (if I ever get my first check, LOL). This working stuff is wearing me out, though. Hope I can keep up the pace!

  10. I'm all for bigger font size. But then, I'm older. :-) But since you asked, I answered. :-)

  11. Yes, I do like larger font sizes. Saves me from having to find my glasses, which are usually tucked into my neckline or on my head. Still. :D

    You sound so very busy. What a way to spend the summer!

  12. I've been extremely busy with work and haven't been blogging much, so I'm trying to catch up some this weekend as well. This is the second blog today that is suggesting/using a bigger font, so I tried it on my blog. I do try to read your blog regularly on my ipod, but leaving comments isn't easily accomplished on it. It looks as if I'm fortunate to have not dealt with the spammers yet, but I'll be on the lookout. Have a great weekend!

  13. i love big font -- i can't seeeeee
    good luck at work..
    do you like it?

  14. You were missed! Love the bigger font. Easier on these aging eyes. Can't wait for the hummer pics!


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