July 2, 2010

July - A Look Ahead

The year is HALF GONE! Can you believe it? Zowie!

First of all, thank you for the shower of birthday wishes! Even though I worked that day and had a long commute to get back home, it was one of my best birthdays ever. Sweet hubby had several surprises in store for me, including a parade of little American flags set out along our front walkway for an early start to the 4th of July weekend. It made me laugh out loud! He fixed an unbelievably tasty steak dinner on the grill and made a cake decorated with strawberry slices and blueberries to look like a flag. And he also surprised me with a Kindle electronic book reader! This will make it so much easier to read while traveling and otherwise on the go. I tell you, the man is a keeper! I also got sweet birthday wishes from my mom, one of my brothers, friends, and new coworkers. And, I was reunited with Chattanooga friends who treated me to a very yack-filled lunch. It is a special day to be remembered!

Now, onward to July! I will be adjusting to a part-time working schedule this month and several long-distance commutes to the office. Eventually, I will be doing most of the work by telecommuting. But computer and bureaucracy controls at the workplace are delaying a remote connection setup within the company’s inside firewall. I have also discovered that my brain has pretty much turned to mush since leaving the corporate world, forgetting all the acronyms, rules, and routine workday frustrations. So my noggin is in the process of being rebooted, so to speak!

We have settled in really well at our new place. Hubby reorganized the storage room earlier this week, thank goodness. It was a jumbled mess from the move. I still have more unpacking and organization tasks for my studio room hanging over my head. I am setting a goal of getting it done this month. That may be ambitious with the work and travel schedule, but I need a target to try to hit! We have hung pictures in a few rooms. Hubby has gone hog wild and several dozen of his photographic prints are already up in his office. This month we’ll concentrate on getting the walls fully decorated throughout the house. Oh yes, and the clothes in our master bedroom closet are seriously begging for organization. The movers jumbled them all in there, so his/hers and summer/winter clothes are all mixed together. It’s not a pretty sight!

I don’t think I will have much time left over for photography this month. But I hope to edit some of my 2008 western vacation pictures and share them here on my blog. Sound good to you?  Also, I'll be participating in the photo challenge tomorrow (see the link on my sidebar for topic and participation information) and try to do the next one this month too.

So there you have it: a month of getting settled in our new house and a new part-time job. I’m going to need a lot of coffee and air conditioning!


  1. Glad to hear you had such a wonderful birthday. Sounds like you are going to be one busy lady for a while. Hope you get some relaxing time squeezed in once in a while too.

  2. Did you say it's almost CHRISTMAS???Hahaaa...Well it Almost is!! Geez! Time is Flying by! Glad you had a wonderful Birthday Sweetie! Tell Hubby, HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow!! Wow! Y'all get your birthdays out of the way Quick! Nothing like togetherness!Lolol
    Enjoy the weekend!!

  3. You ate YAK in Chattanooga? LOLOL Happy Birthday, Donna! Celebrate all month. You're off to a good start.

  4. Coffee, AC, and sleep! What a sweetheart your hubby is. He'll be helping you so much over this next period of time that you'll be working. Did you say that you'll be working for a few months or is it a longer period of time? (Don't answer that, I'll follow along.) Have a great holiday weekend!

  5. Yes Hard to believe we are halfway through the year!!!
    And to think we thought our extension here would be done for Christmas!!! Grrrr!!!
    Glad you had such a lovely birthday...All sounds rather delish!

  6. You are going to LOVE your Kindle! I don't know what I'd do without mine now that I've had it for 6 whole months. I'm so glad your birthday was a good un. Don't work too hard my friend!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday, Donna! Sorry I missed the actual day :(
    And congrats on moving in your beautiful new cottage! I need to look over some past posts to catch up!

    Have a wonderful holiday! xo, misha

  8. wow - you are a busy woman ! don't forget to breathe :))

  9. Sorry I missed your birthday... ours are very close together... mine is on the 30th. So hope you had a happy one.


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