August 27, 2010

Outback Fever

After an extended wait, my red metallic Outback arrived! I finally have WHEELS!

It’s got a lovely, smooth ride and plenty of room and features. With all-wheel drive, it has great ground clearance. But it doesn’t sit too tall for me, so I can easily get in and out. I’ll have to study up and read the manual when I get back from our trip so that I can figure out all the controls and navigation system. This sweet thing will be my traveling companion (along with hubby, of course) for many years to come!

P.S. The pretty covered bridge is a modern one that spans a meandering country creek. We live up the hillside on the left, behind the forested area. We can see just a tiny sliver of the bridge’s roof from the back of our cottage!


  1. And I'm sure that it's a beauty, but Blogger isn't showing me the picture. Darned old Blogger. And so you'll have something lots of fun to look forward to when you get home from vacation. Ahhhh, this getting the vehicle late turned out to be a great plan! (Maybe because I was not signed in, Blogger denied me the joy of seeing the photo because now that I am signed in, I can see it just fine. Yup, a corker!)

  2. Super sweet ride my friend. I've heard good things about those cars. Perfect for the mountains! Loved the covered bridge in the background.
    I hope you have many fabulous travels!!!

  3. Oh love your new car! Sweet! We thought about getting a Outback but bought a Toyota Matrix.


  4. You'll be riding in style now. Nice set of wheels you got there :)

  5. Great looking car....And where you live looks gorgeous!...So sunny and green!

  6. WOWZA! You be stylin' now girl. Congratulations and enjoy your trip! Can't wait to see the pics!

  7. Greetings! Love the color of your new Subaru. I've driven an Outback for years and absolutely love the car. It gets you where ever you want to go!! Hope you have great adventures in the new ride! :-D


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