October 14, 2010

Still Flying High

Have you caught your breath yet from the last post? I hope so! We’re resuming our wonderful helicopter trip of the Tweedsmuir Provincial Park in British Columbia!

As we get closer to the rugged mountains, we see a stream that looks like flowing milk. This is a sure sign that a glacier is nearby because the stream has a high concentration of silt.

And the terrain shows evidence of a glacial retreat.

The pilot is aiming our whirlybird toward a gigantic glacier, winding an icy course through the mountain peaks!

We’re soon zooming right over the massive ice-pack, and marveling at its size and the number of cracks along the surface.

This is what it looks like straight down!

A fleeting look back reveals the expansive countryside we quickly traveled.

As we fly over the mountain range, we see more glaciers precariously hanging on to steep ridges.

At the foot of the glaciers are immense lakes that have a creamy blue-green hue. The unique color comes from rock flour suspended in the water and algae.

Along the way, we spy a bergy bit and a growler! Size determines the classification, with a growler being the smaller one and limited to about 3 feet visible over the water surface. Trapped air escapes from the melting ice and sometimes makes a growl like an animal!

Glaciers carve through the mountains, grinding up rocks, and depositing them as they continue their march.

Heading up a beautiful valley, and we see a patchwork of glacial streams that are trying to converge.

Further on, there is a rapids area surrounded by a thick forest of tall evergreen trees. The blue-green color from the glacial silt is still there!

Following along this watercourse, we soon realize that it turns into the Atnarko River! We’ll witness several grizzly bears fishing in this very spot over the next few days! Don’t you love the deep teal color in the middle of the river channel?

And when we see these large, rocky hills, we know that we are getting ready to touch down back at the lodge. Unfortunately, our aerial adventure is coming to an end!

We’re back, safe and sound, at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge and the cabins!

Wasn’t that fun?  I hope you enjoyed this journey! After seeing God’s glorious earth, we know that we’ll never be the same.


  1. I guess no one would be the same. Isn't it amazing, and thank you for acknowledging God in all this splendour.

  2. I really have enjoyed this flight over some amazing terrain and a river of milk and glaciers and all of the incredible sights. Thank you...I could have just read it and enjoyed it, believe it or not. You told it all so well.

  3. What an awesome trip and display of God's magesty! I can't imagine how breath taking a trip like this would be...as I know that as wonderful as these pictures are...the real thing is magnificant! thanks for sharing your journeys Donna...love it all!

  4. Incredibly inspiring! I've been looking forward so much to seeing these, last night I dreamt of taking a helicopter ride! LOLOL thanks for another glimpse of God's magnificent creation, Donna. Your pictures are very beautiful!

  5. All I can say is that I am sooooo jealous of your wonderful vacation and the amazing memories you have captured! Thanks for sharing!

  6. OT but... In my blog comments, you mentioned:"And there is no need to upload a super-big size because you are really eating up your online storage space allotment."

    Not sure about the details of super-big size pics eating up storage space... But wondering what you plan to do, when Blogger tells you that your photo storage space is all used up?

    With Old Editor, each time I went to post a picture, it told me how much space I had used up [in Photo-something...?] But I wonder how you tell, using New Editor?

    Eventually, it will get to 100% though.

    What then? Delete some old pics? Make new blog with similar name and link to it, in old blog? Seems we need to have a plan in mind, and not get caught off guard...

    Please and thank you...

  7. WOW! Absolutely beautiful! I feel like I was in that helicopter with you guys!

  8. These are just plain Gorgeous! What a Great trip it must have Been!!
    I LOVE the iceburg in the water...that blue is breathtaking...
    Happy weekend sweetie!

  9. Amazing photos Donna. What a great trip!

    Looking forward to seeing your Challenge photos...fast food ...soon! Mine are already up! It is Saturday here already.

  10. Amazing trip so breathtaking. And to think that I can come back here any time and take it all over again any time I want :)

  11. So pretty! Glad it was you and not me on that helicopter. I wouldn't be able to handle it. I liked having a psuedo-helicopter trip over the glaciers, though. HUGS! (P.S. I have new email address...)


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