October 12, 2010

Ready to Soar?

Are you ready to hop into a “virtual” helicopter and soar above the Tweedsmuir Provincial Park landscape in rugged British Columbia, Canada? As soon as you buckle up, we’ll take off!

Whoosh! We’re on our way!

As soon as you catch your breath, look back at the gorgeous river valley that we just flew up. That’s the Atnarko River way down there, where all the grizzly bears feast on salmon!

Now look ahead, focusing on the gentle mountains and the deep blue lake winding through the ridgelines. We’re flying!

Within about 10 minutes, we’re soaring by a huge waterfall! It’s Hunlen Falls, the third highest in Canada (25th in the world) with an 850-foot drop.

And where is the water source for this magnificent falls? Why, it’s this incredible mountain lake! The jagged rock peaks provide a picture-perfect backdrop.

As we get closer to the hillsides, we can see the damaging effects of a forest fire during the past year.

Now that you have gotten fully comfortable in your seat and enjoying the scenery in the distance, it’s time to look down! The landscape is changing once again after we pass the large mountain lake.

We’re now flying over a large area of tundra. The vibrant green, yellow, brown, and blue are a symphony of contrasting colors.

Looking back to the grand vistas, we wonder if we are going to explore any of those mountain peaks in the distance.

Oh look!  A glance ahead shows that we are headed toward this heavenly mountain range. Can it possibly get any better than this?

Please come back later this week for the 2nd part of our helicopter trip!


  1. Fabulous helicopter ride. The view was breathtaking. I can't wait to go back up and see some more :)

  2. How GORGEOUS!!! I am a "born and bred" BC girl and NEVER do I tire of the mountains and God's creation displayed here. Thank you for sharing...your photos are stunning! :)

    Hopped over from Cindy's blog (Farmgirl Cyn)...lovely to "meet" you.


  3. O-M-Word! I'm Dizzy here!!Hahahaa
    How GORGEOUS are these?!!!
    I know you must have Really enjoyed that trip sweetie!!
    Can't wait for the next installment!!

  4. The beauty is astounding, mesmerizing, stunning! I don't think I'd take a breath the whole time! Thanks so much for having the presence of mind to use the camera while surrounded by such breathtaking sights, Donna. can't wait to see part two!

  5. Oh I will so be back. Those picture are breathtaking.


  6. Gorgeous pictures! I love the different colors of the trees above the waterfall!

  7. OMGoodness! So beautiful! There IS a God, because look at what He made! :)
    Thanks for sharing, and I MISS YOU! :)

  8. soooo beautiful...just don't know if i could do the helicopter ride...so thanks for allowing me to do it here!!! :-)
    hugs and can't wait for the rest of the trip!

  9. Ohhhhh my! That had to be a totally awesome trip!! I envy you the photo ops too! Wow!

  10. Ok, I'm terribly afraid of heights, but if I could see those glorious views.... just maybe, I could do it!
    What kind of camera do you use? My photos would be soooo blurry if I took them while moving!


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