January 7, 2011

Grey Havens Snowfall

It seems that we have been a bit preoccupied this week, and my blogging time has been adversely affected! Between trips to the fitness center, house issues, and car issues, time has been slipping away from me.

Our hot water system became inoperable yesterday and it had to be hurriedly fixed. A flow control valve failure was the culprit, thanks to extraordinary hard water from our local water utility company. We’re going to have to get a whole-house treatment system soon or else we will have continual maintenance issues with our tankless hot water system beyond the warranty period. Sigh…

I am happy to report that I finally have my little red Outback home again after its 26-day stay at the auto body shop! It looks good as new again. Hooray!

On Wednesday, we had our fifth snowfall of the winter season. One of the nice things about east Tennessee is that we have rather mild winters. We usually only get only a couple of snowfalls, so this year is not typical. At least the ones we do get average just a couple of inches and disappear within a day or two. This latest one was completely melted within a day. But now they are predicting more snow off and on all weekend!

It was so pretty on Wednesday morning, I couldn’t resist taking a few snapshots where our cottage is located! I took these with my little point-and-shoot Nikon Coolpix. We live in a rural, valley area with picturesque rolling hills. In fact, we only live about two miles from our former country cottage! This is a view of the ridgeline next to our subdivision.

January snow in Hardin Valley

The main entrance sign to the subdivision is quite handsome, with its rustic, craftsman design. You head down this road and then turn left into the subdivision after reaching the distant woods. Up on the left-hand side is the hill where our cottage and the other villa homes are located.

covered bridge sign

Once you turn into the entrance, you travel across this lovely covered bridge that goes over a meandering creek. A paved walking trail is also in this area. You can see from the pictures that the Christmas decorations are still up!

covered bridge entrance with snowfall

Further up the road is the charming clubhouse. Hubby and I are not swimmers, so we don’t use the community pool (located on the backside of this view). But we have attended several neighborhood gatherings in the clubhouse. It is comfortably equipped with a kitchen, restrooms, and furniture.

clubhouse with snowfall

Looking up the hill on the right of this clubhouse viewpoint, you can spot a portion of our cottage through the winter tree landscape. It is almost impossible to see in the summer when there is a canopy of vegetation.

Grey Havens view near the clubhouse

After coming through a portion of the subdivision, you make your way up a hill to the villas. We live in one of nine villa homes that have been built so far. Eventually, there will be about 50 homes in this section.

villa entrance sign

Winding around a circular drive, you will soon come to our cozy Grey Havens cottage! Won’t you stop and come in for some hot chocolate, tea, or coffee?! We’d love to visit with you!

Grey Havens with early January snow

I hoped that you enjoyed this little tour! If you haven’t done so already, please read the anniversary post below and sign up for the giveaway prize. Thank you for entering, everyone!


  1. Thank you for giving us a tour. It is snow beautiful!! You are blessed.

  2. Love a tour, like this! Thank you.

    Now of course, you could wander around the inside of Grey Havens, and give another pictorial tour........

    I know. I'm always *greedy.* ,-)

    Gentle Jan. hugs...

  3. Love your new cottage! The snow is beautiful and I loved the tour!

  4. lovely tour Donna..what a lovely place you live in! Thank you.

    thanks for your comment on my blog Donna. Yes, the floods are the worst thing here ...and more rain and floods predicted this w'e for a whole 'nother area...mine!

  5. Enjoyed the tour! What a wonderful place for your home. Oh how I wish I could stop by for a cup of chocolate and good visit.

  6. Absolutely beautiful and so welcoming! Love it, Donna and thank you :)

  7. I love the first one. Beautiful.

    We are supposed to get snow again next week. I am going to try to go out somewhere and get some more photos. I took a bunch in the backyard over Christmas. I want to see if I can get some nice woodland photos.

    I live in northern Alabama so I know what you mean about the snow being unusual. It was nice having a White Christmas, though.

  8. Lovely tour. It looks just beautiful with it's blanket of snow.
    We're getting snow here this weekend but I'm positive that it will be much more than what you have and will also stick around for quite some time. SIGH!!!

  9. Your community is so beautiful covered in snow! That covered bridge looks like it should be a Christmas card! We haven't had any snow this winter, but we are expecting some cold messy weather starting Sunday.

  10. It's a beautiful community! Love the way it looks in snow...completely charming. Sorry that your 12th day didn't go according to plan. Life's like that, eh? Oh well, onward and upward in this new year. Glad you have your vehicle back!

  11. Hi Donna!
    First, I must say that your subdivision is beautiful. I love TN. anytime of the year and the cozy winter scene in your neck of the woods is inviting.
    Thanks for stopping by REB. The storage cubby unit you can find at IKEA, I believe the closest one to you might be Charlotte, N.C. Or try their mail order. Enjoy the rest of your winter!

  12. Awwww, I remember how happy I was coming round those bends and over that bridge to see you at Grey Havens a few months ago! How lovely everything is with its veil of snow! Rest assured I will be BACK, camera in hand, ready to learn from the masters, come spring. Tell Marty and Kevin there's a treat in it for them! And not just the treat of seeing me. =:~D

  13. How beautiful, Donna! You just don't now how happy I would be to visit you some day! I'm sorry about the water problem, though. Love you bunches!! :)

  14. The tour is charming and love your cottage. There is nothing like fresh snow to create an atmosphere of pure beauty.

  15. What a lovely area you live in and I forgot how much I love your house! If/when I am ever in your area you bet I will be stopping by to say hi!

  16. I loved the tour of your pretty part of the world. Glorious!

  17. Gorgoeus and so pretty! I could just imsgine living there...Your Living the dream Miz D.

  18. I love your place....I really just love the whole look of it.....I'll probably look for something easier to take care of at some point too. I still want to come and visit you and your sweet hubby sometime...you really don't live that far from me......

  19. Gorgeous...what a beautiful place to live! ♥♥♥ We may ALL show up now! ♥


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