February 4, 2011

Grizzly Bear Series – Part 3, Peek-A-Boo!

Welcome back to my series of photos and stories about our grizzly bear adventure last year in wilds of British Columbia!

When we were riding along in a float boat or visiting the bear viewing stand alongside the Atnarko River, we never knew when we were going to be surprised with a bear sighting. The anticipation kept us alert! And when we least expected it, one would peek its head out of the bushes along the riverbank!

They could travel hidden through the tall grasses, and then suddenly be poised on the water’s edge, looking for their next meal of tasty salmon.

We kept a steady lookout along the well-worn bear trails, and we were frequently rewarded for our vigilance.

We also kept a lookout in the river to spot partially hidden ones like this fellow!

And every now and then, a particularly handsome bear would pause from its hiding place and graciously allow us to take a formal portrait!

Please come back later to see more of this special photo series!


  1. Nice, Donna! I especially love that last one where he does indeed look like he's posing for a portrait!

  2. They really are handsome fellows. I can see why the coat was so admired, but I must stop now because it's not nice to think of any of these wonderful creatures as a rug. Beautiful photos as always!

  3. I'm so glad ya'll were able to take that trip and share these fantastic photo's!

    Have a great weekend, hope you'll be able to rest. ((hugs))

  4. I absolutely LOVE your wildlife photos! These bear pictures are wonderful!

  5. Boy, that last one sure is close.

    I think all of your adventures are great.

  6. Wonderful, delightful, critter photos!!

  7. They're magnificent but also wry and playful. I do believe grizzlies have an excellent sense of humor

    I also think I've become a grizzly bear groupie!

  8. Fabulous shots. That must have been so much fun seeing them like that.

  9. Amazing and I know they are dangerous, but they look so sweet. Bear hug?

    Outstanding, Donna!

  10. These are Fantastic Girl!! You and DH are making some Wonderful memories!!!


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