February 1, 2011

February – A Look Ahead


Let me start out by saying this: January did not turn out the way I planned! The major upheaval was my sudden boomerang back into the working world via another contract with my former employer. This job is going to keep me very busy. So those slacker retirement days I was fondly dreaming about have been put on hold once again. Yeah, yeah, I can be bought! I am already greatly missing my spare time, but I’m going to bite my tongue and not whine about it. I don’t have to work. I’m choosing to work. There’s a big difference. And the extra money will go toward vacations and projects around the cottage. I count my blessings every day!

I started a sewing project and it is currently in a hazy state of incompletion. I am making a corded fabric plate to put on the shelf in the laundry room and give the space a jolt of color. The plate is now sewn but I still have to complete the trim around the edge and do some embellishment. With any luck, I’ll get it done this month and then I will be able to show all of you what sewing madness I created.

Last month, I planned to take some pictures of my studio and share those images with you. Well, since my sewing project is taking 100 times longer than expected, the room is not quite presentable right now. So much for that bright idea! Later, folks.

I am happy that at least the grizzly bear picture series got underway here on my blog, and I will have a few more posts in the series. I’m glad that you are enjoying them! Some of you have been asking how close we got to the bears. I would estimate that those shown in my pictures were mostly 30-80 feet away from us. A telephoto lens brings them up close. I also digitally zoomed in with Photoshop and cropped a few pictures if they were sharp enough.

We hope beyond hope that most of the awful weather is history for this winter season. Realistically, we know that February is traditionally our worst month of the year for snow and ice. Let’s just cross our collective fingers that I don’t have to do business traveling while it is frightful! We are both looking forward to the end of the month, which is when the early daffodils start blooming. Spring isn’t too far around the corner now!

My annual wrestling with the income tax return preparation will commence toward the end of the month. Oh joy. And I mean that in the most disgusting tone of voice possible. I despise the whole exercise. The process is an abomination because of the tax laws. Did you know that the U.S. tax code is now about 72,000 pages long? Oh, I could very easily go on a tirade like I did in this post a couple of years ago. And it doesn’t help when the IRS is still dragging their feet on issuing us a refund from an amended return submitted in August! Grrrr!!!

On a much happier note, we recently scheduled out second big vacation for the year. We’ll be taking a two-week photo tour of Alaska in July, and we’re adding on some of our own personal travel days before and after the tour. Hubby is in the process of making all of the final arrangements. He used to live up in Fairbanks for many years. So he is anxious to see again some of the memorable places in that gorgeous state. And everything on the itinerary will be all new territory for me! We can’t wait!


  1. Busy month ahead! I hope you don't get slammed with too bad of weather. We are getting hit harder than normal this year! The Alaska trip sounds fantastic!! Have a good day and don't work too hard!!

  2. You get so much done! I think it's because you plan your work and work your plan. Props to you for having a sewing project going amid all your other doings! I can't wait to see it. I know it will be beautiful because I've seen what you can do. And I don't think we're out of the woods winter-weather wise ... funnily, ever since the blizzard of '93, which descended on East Tennessee (and a heap of other places) on March 12th of that year, I never breathe easy until March 13th! Very near to the ides, as it were.

    I need to talk to you but I promise I won't call! If you have a mo, feel free to call me. I promise I will leave your ears on your head rather than talk them off. LOLOL (((hugs 2U)))

  3. You always have such fun things to look forward to. This photograph looks like an oil painting...just wonderful even if it is snowy. Hope that you get your wish with February weather. I can't imagine that you would like business traveling in such nasty weather.

  4. Oh my, don't want to think about all the snow we can still face, in this winter. [Some global warming, hu? -evil grin-]

    Glad you are basically glad about choosing to do this parcel of work. Understood how you don't want to 'look a gift horse in the mouth,' as the saying goes. At least around here, we have this saying.

    Your projects will get done, when they get done. :-) Just get a few Valentines, and hang them on the laundry room wall, from a tack and some pretty ribbon, till you can get your project done. ,-) They will bring a spot of color.

    Hugs and ♥'s...
    'Cause Valentine Day is coming!

  5. a corded fabric plate sounds quite interesting. I can't wait to see that.
    We've already got our taxes filed, hooray!!!

  6. I got to see a few of your older pictures on flickr. One of the thumbnails on here got my attention. I've put comments on a few of them.

  7. Such a beautiful photo, Donna. Can't wait to see the plate.

    Even though you're working again, such wonderful plans being made for July.

    Hoping here also that we've past the worst of those freezing nights and days. But, feel so badly for our friends who are having it so rough.

  8. I am SO Sorry for being late Again!!! It's been a madhouse here at work with all the weather related plumbing problems people are having and I think it'll be worse Next week when things start thawing out!!
    I's so Excited about "our" PHOTO trip to Alaska!!! I can't wait! Tell Marty I'm bringing the popcorn!!!Hahaaa
    STAY SAFE 'Lil Girl!

  9. PS!!! See?? I'm Scattered brained!
    LOVE the photo!!!!

  10. That's a beautiful picture. I am looking forward to seeing your sewing project.

  11. i am on a mission this year....and seem to be actually completing some of my goals....but first time in years!!! :-) you seem to accomplish a great deal in your life, donna....hope things "settle" into letting you complete some of your projects....then you will be off for more! :-)

  12. I'm excited about February being the month the daffodils show up! Hope you have a great month!

  13. Get your work done so you can take that Alaskan trip so you can share it with us please. I love that you share your travels with us.

  14. Donna thinks SHE is late. I have her beat. I'm sorry too...

    It's always so exciting to come here. I never know what to expect and I'm always amazed. I'll just join in your life from here, okay?

    Love the header!!! (and the quilt ♥)


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