May 10, 2011

Bits and Bytes

10 MB hard disk

We took our hard drives into the Apple store this past Sunday.  They are transferring computer files for us.  We’ll pick up our iMacs tomorrow evening and get our first instruction session on how to use them.  We’re excited!

16K RAM card

In the meantime, we are making do with two old laptops which are s-l-o-w and are minimally equipped.  Of course, I’ve been using the iPad a bit, and I can attest to how fun and cool it is!

briefcase portability 

Hubby got our Photoshop CS5 software license transferred over today from the Microsoft to Mac platform.  They are mailing out a new program disk for us.  Hooray!  We’re looking forward to getting all settled in with our computer setups by this weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed for me to return to my usual blogging soon!


  1. Certainly will! You know what you made me do? I had to increase the font to 400% because I was thinking that those ads were for the "latest" thing. Okay. Now I know that they were for the latest thing a couple of decades or more ago. I'm still not sure. I was thinking that those were some vintage looking latest things. Ha! My brain is scrambled at this hour of the evening.

  2. These ads are just too funny! I'm so glad things have changed...those ancient devices would probably confuse me!

  3. Good luck with your new computer adventures. My husband stole the iPad to look at the vintage ads! He would love to try a Mac someday.

  4. enjoy !!
    and have a happy day -

  5. looking at those ads it's just amazing how far we've come with computers.
    Have fun with the new equipment.

  6. Welcome to the World of iMac!!!!!!!!!!!! You will love living here!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

    Thank you for telling me that one can get a stick form of insect repellent. Me too, hate the sticky spray. Thank you!

    -My iMac and his Mac laptop, wave hello to yours- :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  7. Do you think using the Mac will be like using the IPad? I'm curious...I use my IPad and IPhone with ease...Hope that's how they are...
    Can't wait for your critique!!

  8. I must say...haven't we come a long way!Phew... it's hard to keep up with how fast technology is developing! I hear the Mac is the way to go, have fun with it!
    ~Blessings, Bonnie

  9. I was just remembering our first computer by Compaq in the 1980's...wasn't even on line with it then..but were able do play a couple games on it and Bob did some some simple programing and record keeping on it...yes..thing sure have changed fast.. Like ma always said..they are leaving me behind !..LOL .

  10. I just sit here every day hoping this old computer keeps movin' along. LOL

    Happy for you guys!

  11. I just love the old ads you posted. We forget that it wasn't very long ago that electronics items and computers were VERY large and VERY slow.

    Congrats on working to make everything Mac compatible. I've never used one, but several folks I know swear by them. Hope you guys will love yours just as much!


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