June 10, 2011

June Means Daylily Blooms!

You know it is June in East Tennessee when the daylilies bloom! And they are blooming like gangbusters here at Grey Havens cottage! When we moved into our new home last year, we had to start all over again with planting flowerbeds. We have only a tiny fraction of land compared to our former place, so we had to be choosy. What couldn’t we live without? Lavender and daylilies! We’re fortunate that there is a local daylily grower less than 10 miles away. Not long after our move, we compiled a list of specific varieties and off we went to that garden to shop! We came back home with a wide selection, including some long-time favorites and a couple of new varieties to fill out the growing season and display an assortment of pretty colors. 

We saw very little growth and blooms last year, since the plants were only small clumps and needed to concentrate on building strong roots. But they have filled out since then and are thriving. We’re being rewarded with beautiful blooms like the one above. And now I don’t have to sneak into neighbors’ yards to take pictures of flowers!


  1. This is beautiful but I want to see the whole lot of them. LOL!
    I love flowers. They just make me happy.

  2. And they will multiply and be more beautiful each year! What a wonderful choice! And lavender smells so nice! ♥

  3. Love this image. Great closeup shot.

  4. Donna, What a gorgeous shot!!!! Mine just started blooming today. I'm getting ready to post some pics of them and other flowers, on my blog that are blooming. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Oh and thanks for the info on the rusty rabbit!


  5. I don't have any blooms yet, but we are considerably colder than you, but soon.

  6. Pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your lovely lilies

  7. July is our month for daylilies. Do show all your wonderful varieties. I love to see how many there are.

  8. Beautiful! Is that a salmon color?

    Should have split mine this year...they are taking over the flower bed!

    I also want to see a larger view of your beauties :)

  9. Gorgeous! I love Daylilies. My yard has them in several places. A little tour of my yard yesterday brought such delight every time I stopped to enjoy them. Mine are all yellow - here when we bought the house. They bring a smile to my face each June. I always want to sing 'June is bustin' out all over!'

  10. So beautiful...did you know I was from Franklin???

  11. Oh, gorgeous, Donna. We have those too and I love it when they come out. Happy Weekend!

  12. Love daylilies! Mine bloomed last month, but now I can enjoy yours.

    I still have the lavendar you sent me, and every time Hunter comes over, she takes one of the sachet's out of a drawer to smell. Yes, she has good taste too like you!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  13. Blogger is being a pain again!!!
    How did I miss THIS????
    Must have been Before I threw out my camera...Hahaaaa
    Love it!

  14. Wow, really beautiful and clear photo of that day lily. Love it! And I'm so glad they are blooming for you this year. Flowers tend to make a yard look so nice, don't they? ;-)


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