June 3, 2011

June - A Month Ahead

Needless to say, I am having fits with time flying past so quickly! May was just a blur and now the calendar says we are firmly set in June. Part of May’s confusion and chaos was self-induced. After decades of using PCs, we bought new iMacs. And I wanted to know how to do everything right NOW. Reality and expectations did not completely coincide, LOL. I am getting along pretty well with the new computer at this point except that I still have to use a company-issued PC for my consulting work. So now my feeble and tired brain has to remember two operating systems. Ah, the challenges of modern life! 

May unfolded with several highlights. One standout is that we got to visit with sweet Lana of Honeysuckle Lane. She and her delightful daughter made a jaunt over to our home to buy my Nikon D70 camera body and a zoom lens. We had a nice chat and they got to see our little cottage. I usually see her each year at a local lavender festival, so it was a treat to get to visit with her in a more tranquil setting. If you are not familiar with her folk art, then you are in for a treat. I hope that you click on her blog link and celebrate her incredible, nationally-known talent by checking out and purchasing her lovely creations. 

I also started sharing some of my New Mexico photos here on my blog. That effort will continue this month with more virtual tours! I am quite pleased how a few treasured scenes are turning out after digital processing. I am finally hitting that sweet spot of being able to enhance photos the way that I can see them in my mind’s eye. The recently acquired Nik software tipped me over the edge, so it was a great investment. Several dear reader friends (you KNOW who you are, LOL) have swelled up my noggin lately by suggesting that I author a coffee table book. You make me blush! The answer? I'm not sure! I have been tinkering with the idea of starting an etsy shop, and I was going to put things in motion this year. But then the engineering consulting work started again and that income has been simply too good to turn down. In the meantime, I am concentrating on further improving the photo editing skills and framing up scenes. 

So what exactly are we up to in June? First of all, we’re going to enjoy the blooms in our yard and spend some quiet times on the porches. We plan to check out some local farmers markets and see a bit of the local countryside. We’re going to get some fresh air. I have to get out of the house! Poor hubby does too because he is tending to household chores while I am writing and editing technical procedures. We plan to get more exercise this month. This is our month of preparation for the BIG trip. We’re going to be living through this month with our eyes focused on July. 

What’s going on in July, you say? Ah, our grand 3-week photo adventure of interior Alaska! We will probably wear ourselves out in the process, but at least we’ll have smiles permanently etched on our faces and memories that will last the rest of our days. Hubby got a fresh cortisone shot for his bad hip earlier today, so he should be able to comfortably go the distance. My replaced knee isn’t as good as the original equipment, but it is going to have to go along for the ride. These two old farts are going to have another adventure of a lifetime!


  1. I had no idea I was going on a vicarious trip through Alaska this summer. I am so lucky. Now get to work on that book;)

  2. Are We There Yet????Hahaaaa...
    Get Plenty of rest Girl! I 'wanna see it ALL!
    Enjoy the weekend girl...Oh, and I'd buy the book you're going to write.....!!!!

  3. Yay for another adventure! Alaska or bust! I hobble along on bad days and limp on good ones so I appreciate the extra measures you both are taking to do the things you love. Thank God for Tylenol Arthritis.

  4. It all sounds too wonderful for words. Now I expect some camera talk in this coffee table book.

  5. I hope you have a relaxing June, it's going by too fast for me. Your trip sounds wonderful. And yes, write that book!

  6. I will certainly be looking forward to seeing photos from your Alaskan adventure!

  7. YES, YES, YES to a coffee-table book! If I didn't already have a coffee table, I'd buy one just to put a book of your pictures on, my dear darling friend. Your talent is prodigious and should be shared. I don't know where I'd be without you. Love you much! Can't wait to see the Alaska pics! And this coming fall, when the leaves are turning on the gorgeous ridges of East Tennessee, I'm gonna take you up on that offer of a two- to three-day up-close-and-personal tutorial! Tell Marty and Kevin that yes, I remember exactly where the guest bedroom is! Happy weekend, dear one!

  8. -grin- I can see why you did not resonate with my post today {The Illusion of Control}. :-) And that is fine, fine, fine!!! We each march to our own drum!!!

    And you are one charged up individual~! That's for sure! :-) As you said, you wanted to know how to do everything on your Macs, right away. :-) Plus working and honing your digital processing skills.

    And as you said, you'll be living through June, with eyes focused on July and your next trip.

    You are a great example of a person who lives by the opposite of most of the ideas in that blog article.

    And isn't it great??????? We each get to pick our own path, and travel it, as best we can. With tweaks of our path, along the way. We planned and worked for a long time, and now "our tweak" is toward mostly flowing. :-)

    May we all carry on, along our own paths, for a long, long time!!!


  9. Dont you just love your Macs?? Soon you will get really intolerant of the windows driven PC.

    Alaska? I can hardly wait! I havent been there in years.

  10. those calendar pages do seem to be flipping awfully fast. I can't believe it's June already.
    I checked out Honeysuckle Lane, what cool stuff she has. I love her owl prints.

  11. Wow, Alaska! That will be a really exciting trip, especially for your blog followers because we'll be able to learn about that state via the pics you post! Can't wait!

    I, too, think you should publish a book with your photos in it. Go for it, girl! :-)


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