August 27, 2011

Grand Scenics of Alaska - Mountain Peaks

I hope that my dear visitors are not getting bored with my Grand Scenics series of Alaska photographs! If you are, please tell me and I will switch to some other topics for a while! Can you stand another week of them? And yes, it is quite permissible to repeat adjectives in your comments, in case you are running out of them in your vocabulary, LOL.

Since many of us are still suffering from the hot summer temperatures, we need a little “virtual” cool breeze right now. Don’t you think so? Flying high over beautiful snow-capped mountains should cool us off in a hurry!  And please click each photograph to see it bigger!

aerial view of craggy Mordor-like mountains,
north of Talkeetna,
Denali National Park
(black & white processing)

sunny mountain range east of Seward,
Resurrection Peninsula

majestic Denali crest,
long-range view from Wonder Lake,
Denali National Park


  1. Did you feel a little like you were on your way to heaven? It's wonderful.

  2. Okay I admit that "WOW" was the first thing I thought of AGAIN but I'm going to change it up a bit and say "STUNNING"!
    Those are truly spectacular my friend and I'm not getting bored with them.
    Keep em' coming.

  3. breathtaking scenery. I believe I feel the cool air coming off of those mountains too :)

  4. Makes me chilly! :)

    And to answer your question - no. In fact, I had a big list of blogs to check out and I thought, "ahhh, majestic scenery, definitely some relaxing and mind awakening beauty, I'm going to Donna's blog first". True. So there you have it.

  5. These pics are getting more and more beautiful!

  6. Gorgeous! I love mountains. Didn't God do a great job with the beauty of His world?

  7. Your pictures are ALL AMAZING! You deserve to be published in a magazine or gallery! You could retire and sell photos ;)


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