August 25, 2011

Grand Scenics of Alaska - Ships at Sea

Oh the time will come up
When the breeze will stop.
And the breeze will cease to be a'breathin'.
Like the stillness in the wind
Before the hurricane begins.
The hour when the ship comes in.

"When the Ship Comes In" by Bob Dylan

passenger ship leaving Whittier harbor,
Passage Canal, Prince Edward Sound

fishing trawler at daybreak,
Homer Spit, Kachemak Bay

crabber vessel heading out to sea,
Homer Spit, Kachemak Bay

I hope that my blogging friends on the east coast will be safe this weekend when Hurricane Irene blows through!


  1. Gorgeous pictures, Donna...

    I agree... Let's remember all of the people who are in the path of the hurricane. Scary!!!!

  2. These are fantastic. I commented on the second one in Flickr. That's what made me think to come over and check your blog.

  3. The fish trawler picture is special for me for a couple of reasons, but especially because it reminds me of waking up early when camping near lakes and rivers. At that time, the light is still flat and it is SOOOOO quiet and different from any other time in the day or night. I like this photo with the black foothills in front of the majestic peaks, and the still gray water. :)

  4. Beautiful shots Donna!
    And I SO agree about the hurricane! I pray people know when to get out of its way!
    Happy weekend!

  5. Those are gorgeous.
    My husbands son lives in Virginia and he's planning on staying put. We're hoping it doesn't get too bad but he was saying they are expecting 100 mile an hour winds

  6. just beautiful....missed the previous posts....the photos just capture so back memories of our time in alaska!!! amazing!
    we have a neice,nephew,2 dogs and i fish in a bowl that made it out of norfolk, va yesterday.....praying!

  7. Just love these photos Donna. Especially the last one!


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