September 20, 2011

Grand Scenics of Alaska - Hidden Denali Mountains

When you visit Denali National Park, you are taking a gamble with the fickle weather and clouds. The majority of the time, the Denali peak and adjacent range are hidden from view. You travel all that way up there, endure a long, bumpy bus ride out to the end of the park road, and whether you get to see the elusive mountains is all up to lady luck. On any given day, the odds are against you. 

Thank goodness we stayed several nights in the park! Of the three days we were there, it was clear on only one day. When I took this photo at Wonder Lake, my hubby assured me that there was a mountain range beyond the tree line. Yeah, right. I had to conjure up a very wild imagination! And yes, I admit that I grumbled. 

But lady luck arrived the next day and the weather broke! Lo and behold, there WERE rocky peaks beyond that chorus line of dancing pines! My hubby wasn’t telling me a tale of whopper proportions! There are dramatic differences between what is hidden and visible in these photos, but also in the quality of light. 

With an overcast sky, light is diffused and colors are softened. Flat lighting like this is perfect for close-up photography, eliminating hot spots. But it is a tad boring for an overall scenic view.

But bring out the sun and paint a blue sky, and we now have shadows, texture, and crisp colors! The landscape takes on vibrancy. And we can actually see a mountain range! Well hello, Denali!


  1. I feel very blessed to have spent 3 weeks in Alaska a few years ago! Because it is very hard to imagine how spectacular the mountains are there! Everything is so much grander...a photo cannot capture the enormity of the landscape! But you've gotten amazing photos! And I'm enjoying my memories of this wonderful landscape! ♥ I hope you are still GO for your next trip! ♥

  2. There's an amazing analogy here. I'm not going to ponder it too much preferring to concentrate on the "magic" of it all. What gorgeous scenery. (Hope that your trip is still on for this weekend.)

  3. Wow! The difference is stunning. It doesn't even look like the same place but you can tell that it is.

  4. Wow! That beautiful view was worth waiting for!

  5. Just gorgeous, dahlin'. Are we still going to E. Canada? I hope so, I need to get of this house. :)

    Love ya!

  6. These are just gorgeous Donna!! It's amazing they are photos of the same place!! Loved Alaska! It's just so much natural beauty!! Hope you are doing well!! Are you still planning a trip to Cincy this Fall?

  7. I'll agree that the pictures on the sunny day are breathtaking but I have to say that even on the cloudy days the view is amazing.


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