September 21, 2011

The Trip is a GO!

The Air Canada strike has been averted, so our trip is a GO! Unless our local airport has finally installed the whole body scanner, I will be standing in the “groping” line on Friday morning. It’s one of the prices I have to pay for my knee replacement, radical extremists who are determined to kill us, and an overzealous government agency that refuses to profile. Sigh. But I will be humming a song in my heart and soldier though it because we are definitely going on our next vacation! 

And not a minute too soon! I haven’t had enough hours left in the days to prepare scheduled posts during my absence. So you will have to patiently wait for my return. You CAN do it! It’s only a couple of weeks. And Marty will post a photo for you tomorrow so that you have a pretty picture to look while I am gone. Oh yeah!


  1. Great news, well except for the groping line of course. have a wonderful time

  2. I haven't flown in a while, but I would have to stand in the groping line as well. Small price to pay for an awesome vacation, tho!

  3. Now it's my turn to LOL. Okay, I would hate the groping thing and couldn't agree with you more...profiling as obnoxious as it is, is far preferable than being obnoxious to little old ladies. Not that you're a little old lady. Good heavens I'm getting in deep. Anyway, may your flight not be fraught with any extra drama and may you both have a blast.

  4. It's funny and then again not funny! LOL!
    Have a WONDERFUL time my friend. I'll be here patiently waiting while I stare at whatever picture you choose for me to stare at. LOL!

  5. Oh come On!!! You'll enjoy that groping!!Hahaaa
    Junst bring lots of purdy pictures back!!

  6. Well, I was gonna say go for the groping until I read what you wrote. LOL

  7. First I can't believe you are leaving us with NO PHOTOS to enjoy for 2 whole weeks! Bummer!

    Secondly, do they really grope? Oh my gosh, there's another good reason for me never to fly anywhere. Ugh! Gross! Stupid.

    Okay, there's my take on this one, LOL. Have FUN!

    Hugs, Jackie

  8. Have a wonderful vacation, Donna! Look forward to "seeing" all about it!! Stay safe :)

  9. ENJOY!!!

    "Autumn burned brightly, a running flame through the mountains, a torch flung to the trees." ~~Faith Baldwin


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