October 12, 2011

Grand Scenics of Alaska - Denali (aka, Mount McKinley)

This post brings to a close the Grand Scenics of Alaska series of posts. What better way to end it than with something REALLY grand – the famed Denali peak and its neighboring mountains! 

There’s been a lot of controversy about the mountain’s name over the years. Mister Jim still calls it Mount McKinley, from the time that he used to work there as a young whippersnapper. This national park saw the start of his photographic career. He started working at the park as a park naturalist and shuttle bus driver. When Lady Bird Johnson started the “Keep America Beautiful” campaign, they needed someone to take photographs. Jim volunteered! The rest, as they famously say, is history. In the 1970s, he moved from Alaska down to the lower 48 states. So our journey this summer was a bit of a homecoming for him.

The Denali peak is hidden behind clouds the majority of the time. It is a gamble whether it will show itself during a brief vacation visit. We were so grateful that the mountain came out to say hello to Mister Jim once again and hello to me for the first time. It was an incredible sight that will forever be remembered in our hearts.

What Alaska photo series is next? Wildlife Wonders!


  1. Now that was interesting about how your hubby got his start.

    (On a completely different note, I always have felt that Lady Bird Johnson's Keep America Beautiful Campaign was the very best First Lady agenda ever. We need to have a first lady embrace that idea again. Forget the You're Too Fat one of the present First Lady or the Just say No or Reading or whatever. Those are a given. But to keep the country clean and beautiful is a notch above. I should write a post, eh?)

    Exquisite photograph of one magnificent mountain.

  2. Oh Donna that last picture is STUNNING!!! It seriously gave me goosebumps. You are SO taking us on one of your vacations some day. LOL!


  3. I still think of it as Mt. McKinley too! Gorgeous pictures of course!

  4. SO Beautiful Donna! Glad to know how he got started!! Fun fact!

  5. Gorgeous, Donna... Sorry your Alaska photos are finished. I thoroughly enjoyed them... That last picture with the reflections is awesome.

  6. I think you might be too good of a photographer when every picture looks better than a postcard! Or maybe you're just an extra-lucky traveler!!! Doesn't matter, I love it. Breathtaking doesn't even begin to say it. The heavens certainly do declare the glory of God. This old earth ain't bad in spots either.

  7. Such Beautiful photos!!! Lucky you to be able to visit Alaska!!



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