October 10, 2011

Grand Scenics of Alaska - Seward Highway

I still have a few more scenic photos of Alaska to share! These are examples of the dazzling landscape found along the Seward Highway.

Even with overcast skies, the views are still spectacular.


  1. It's so beautiful! I can't wait until we can get up there and see it ourselves. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos.

  2. Just caught up with your posts, Donna. Glad you got home safe and sound.. Sorry the trip wasn't as good as others you have had. Don't think I'd enjoy a bus-type tour with a group either. We like doing our own things.

    Beautiful Alaska photos... That is an amazing place...

    Enjoy the gorgeous Fall weather...

    Good Luck with your surgery.

  3. These are simply gorgeous Donna!
    Sorry the last trip wasn't as much fun!
    Tell Hubby you want to go to Bali next...I need some Ocean!

  4. It's so stunning it takes the breath away.

  5. WOW, even spectacular doesn't seem like a strong enough word to describe this view.

  6. Swoon! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Will adopt me in a sisterly kind of way? LOL!

  7. I think the overcast skies make it MORE beautiful! The stark relief of the mountains against the mild sky is so moody and mysterious. Thanks for sharing, luv. I'm praying for your speedy, safe, and painless (!!!) recovery from digit surgery. *smirk*

  8. I MUST stop looking at these...I just came home from a trip and have no more vacation time available! These are such terrific photos; they make me want to re-pack my bags and head northwest!


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