October 8, 2011

October - A Look Ahead

This “look ahead” post is a bit late this month because of our trip. Better late than never! The fall colors are starting to appear in East Tennessee. Hooray! And the temperatures are blessedly moderate. We’re ready to settle in and enjoy the seasonal transition. 

We are still in the midst of playing “catch up” since we came back from our travels on Thursday. But we have some semblance of order emerging now. It is always surprising how much energy and time is required to get back on track with normal, everyday routines. 

We had a good trip, but it wasn’t spectacular. The photo opportunities were slim compared to what we expected and wanted. We saw some mighty nice scenery zipping by the bus windows! We have concluded that traditional, large group tours are just not our thing. This tour’s itinerary was constantly filled and required a lot of sitting time on the bus. As a result, explorations on our own were limited. I’ll be going through my photos in the next month or so and show you some of the highlights. We found the charming countryside similar to New England and the residents quite friendly. It was too early for the fall colors, but we saw some pretty vistas. We were also delighted to find our traveling companions to be the most congenial of large group tours that we have taken, so that was a bonus! 

I will have some minor surgery in a few weeks to remove a cyst on my right thumb knuckle. Before our trip, I noticed that my thumb was starting to hurt whenever I bent it. I initially ignored it, thinking that the source was arthritis. But I then noticed a lump on top of the joint. A quick visit to an orthopedic surgeon (specializing in hands) confirmed it is a cyst. Over a decade ago, I had a cyst removed from my right-hand pinkie finger. It took three tries. A dermatologist removed it twice, and a hand surgeon removed it once and for all. So this time I am not messing around! 

On the home front, we will have gutter guard installed along the back of our home. With our sloped lot, the back portion of the house is effectively 3 stories tall. We are both very allergic to ladders, and standing on a ladder at that height is sheer insanity. And the woods in our backyard will contribute to an annual accumulation of leaves in the gutters if we don’t take action now. This will be one less thing we have to worry about for long-term maintenance! 

I will soon resume posts that feature my Alaska photos. After just a few more “grand scenic”, you will be treated to “wildlife wonders” and “Katmai bears”. It’s a bit surprising to see from my blogger statistics that I am closing in on another milestone: 600 posts. Holey moley! Marty and I need to quickly make some plans for an anniversary giveaway! I also will be catching up with my blogging friends to discover what is happening in their world.


  1. Sorry the trip was less then you expected. That's always a bummer. I still can't wait to see your pictures.
    I hope that your surgery goes well and heals quickly.
    And Yay, on 600 posts. That's great.
    Good call on the gutters. LOL! You don't need to be up there on a ladder 3 stories tall. Shoot I don't need to be up there on a ladder 3 stories tall. Ha! Ha!
    Have a great night my friend.

  2. Anytime that the scenery is described as a "blur going past the bus windows" explains a lot. I'm so sorry that it was disappointing. And in an ordinary year, of course, you would have been there right at peak foliage. If you have color there now in Tennessee, you have better foliage than we have. It's crazy!

    The cyst on the knuckle sounds ouchy and the surgery to remove it sounds ouchy, too. At least you have some experience with such things. Humans can have some crazy stuff happen.

    Take it easy and don't worry about visiting me. All I did was photoshop a haircut and go to the fair. ☺

  3. Your Fall photo reminds me of a gorgeous painting. Though the scenery nice to view and leaving the "driving to us" ..I bet you would have liked stopping to capture it all on film.
    welcome back..missed you! good luck with a successful surgery Donna! Hugs, cindy

  4. sorry the trip wasn't as good as you had hoped. I don't like having to be real scheduled when I'm on vacation. I would prefer to just go with whatever comes along.
    Best of luck on your upcoming surgery. Hope it isn't one that causes too much discomfort.

  5. I for one am excited to see your pictures you capture things for us all to enjoy !

  6. Take care, Donna and so glad you're not cleaning gutters this fall/ The back side of your lovely home IS high!

  7. Surgery? Hate to hear it!! Also meant to say how beautiful that last post photo is!! Gorgeous Miz Donna....
    And Please DO stay off the ladder!

  8. I'm anxious to see the photos you took! We've talked about taking a bus trip but my husband loves to drive so as long as he does...and can, we will travel the back roads at our own pace (with sandwiches and snacks packed! lol) I hope everything goes good with your surgery! Take care of yourself! ♥

  9. Nothing much happening over here except I'm glad you're baaaaaack!


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