October 18, 2011

Thumb-Bunny Is Sore

I’m not doing any hand puppets right now, that’s for sure! The surgery on my right thumb went well today. I had a clean removal of a ganglion cyst that has been growing for the past couple of months on the top of the knuckle and causing me some discomfort. I wanted to have it taken care of before it caused further trouble. 

My thumb is currently wrapped up tight and looks like a mummified watermelon! I’ll be able to take the dressing off and put on a band-aid on Thursday. The stitches will remain in for two weeks. I’ll be spending a little less time on the computer and a little more time with my Kindle as I mend. 

Thank you for all of your get well wishes wishes!


  1. Glad to hear your surgery went well. Enjoy the down time with your kindle :)

  2. Phew. Glad that old cyst is gone. Kindle sounds great! Get a lot of reading done and don't worry about lifting a fing...er...thumb.

  3. It's so good to have that kind of stuff behind us. Glad it went well. Now go heal up quick!

  4. Glad that went well..my hubby has one on the inside of his hand that bursts every once in a while but keeps coming back. He needs to get it removed!

  5. So glad everything worked out well!! Enjoy your reading Girl!

  6. I hope it's not paining you too badly.

    don't you just LOVE your kindle?

  7. I'm so happy the surgery went well! Enjoy your reading time. I don't do enough of that any more, but my son let me try out his new Kindle yesterday... I'm thinking I have to have one now!
    Praying you have a speedy recovery!

  8. mean ole cysty thing. glad ya got rid of it. sounds more painful than you're lettin on though. you musta got the good stuff :)) that and a kindle makes an alright day i reckon. i hope it's not too chilly out and you can enjoy your reading with a cuppa coffee on that deck of yours ! heal up soon girlie .. i bet it's hard to take pics with a watermelon on your hand -
    take it easy ~

  9. Shame on me for not know this!

    I'm glad all went well hon..get well soon!

  10. Take good care Donna and get well soon, I am going in for surgery next week!

    Oh I have a Designer Pillows Giveaway! I hope you will join! ( a great resource as well)

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