December 14, 2011

Living in an Alternate Universe

We both feel like we have been living in an alternate universe for the past week. Hubby is settled in quite comfortably now at the rehab facility. He wants everyone to know in blogland how much he appreciates your thoughts and prayers! His therapy and healing are progressing quite well. We sure couldn’t ask for a better facility for him. The staff has been terrific. This link shows where he is temporarily residing. And it is located less than 10 miles from our home! I sorely regret not knowing about the place when I had my knee replacement in 2009. Ah, but that is water under the bridge. 

I have the night off from visiting. A reprieve, LOL! So I am able to do a quick post and let everyone know that all is well with both of us. I have been quite busy with the consulting work, maintaining the cottage, and running to and fro. You can continue to expect very few posts from me for at least the next month and possibly longer. There are just so many hours in the day. I have been able to pop in and visit very quickly with some of my blogging friends, but I don’t always leave a comment. 

I hope you are enjoying this lovely season and not getting stressed out by all of the extra tasks such as decorating and shopping. Count those blessings instead of the number of items on your “to do” list! I know, it’s easier said than done! 

And what is the story about the bear in the picture shown above? Here is a summary:

This artisan created bear is quite large and proudly sits in an antique Shaker child's chair in our dining room. During a business trip, hubby adopted him from a Kennebunkport shop and successfully brought him home on several Delta flights as "carry on". With his easy-going personality, he created quite a stir during his journey. I was called out to the garage at about midnight and was surprised to find him in the passenger seat of hubby's truck. I almost fell over when I picked him up, due to my laughter and his weight. His name is Kevin, and he is a limited edition #1 bear, created to fund a hospice in honor of a young Kennebunkport man (Kevin) who died of AIDS. 

Kevin has been a quiet companion for over 17 years, residing in the great room of our former cottage and now in the dining room of our current cottage. He has a view of the front door so that he can properly greet our visitors. In addition to the collar of large bells that he wears on his neck year round, Kevin loves to don a wizard-style Santa hat during the Christmas season. After all, he is magical.


  1. Hi Donna, Glad things are going well with your hubby. Glad he is in such a great facility. How long will he be there?

    Love your Kevin Bear. So--he came from Kennebunkport? When I visited there, I bought a locally made ornament from there. It is on my Christmas tree RIGHT NOW... Helps me to think of that gorgeous place.

    Merry Christmas, Donna.

  2. You have an awesome place for hubby to rehab that hip! I have heard such great things. Nice to know someone who has personally used it now :)
    I adore Kevin...what a bittersweet story.
    Take of YOU, Donna!!!!
    xo, misha

  3. That's a fun story about Kevin being carry-on luggage. So glad that your hubby is doing well at his home away from home. I'm sure that he knows when you need a break and is looking out for you, too. Continued prayers and all good wishes for a speedy recovery and great mobility without pain hereafter.

  4. So glad your husband is doing well and has a nice place to recover at.

    Kevin is beautiful and you have a great story to go along with him..

  5. Pleased to have an update on hubby, and then to meet Kevin. How sweet.
    Glad things are progressing ...hope he is home soon!

  6. So glad to hear that your hubby is settled in and doing well.
    And I'm not stressed at all this year. I did everything early like I said I would and it's going pretty well.
    I LOVE your bear story. I bet your hubby really had fun carrying that bear around the airport and such. How funny!
    Have a GREAT day my friend.

  7. Awwww, such a sweet (and yet bittersweet as someone else commented) on the precious Kevin bear.

    I am SO happy to learn that hubby is getting along quite well.

    (((hugs to both)))

  8. Oh Donna, I do hope everything keeps going well for you both! It's so hard to take care of things by ourselves...Still praying for a quick recovery!!
    LOVE the teddy! Beautiful photo!!!

  9. so glad to hear that your husband is settling in nicely. It's a busy enough season as it is but with all the added "to do's" that you have right now I can imagine you are ready for a little r&r.
    Kevin is a beautiful bear.
    Take care of yourself and enjoy the magic of the holiday season :)

  10. Kevin is definitely magical and I will never forget how you let me hold him for a few minutes! He is certainly worth his weight in gold and a more excellent greeter could never be found. Merry Christmas to all in your household and please know my prayers are with you all!

  11. Dear Donna, I'm so glad to hear your husband is doing well and continues to improve. Take care of yourself, too. I know it's not easy to do what you are doing now. I'll continue to keep you both in my prayers. I love your sweet bear...I have a few bears and dolls that have come out of the doll room to enjoy the holidays! Hugs! Diane ♥♥♥

  12. Glad to hear hubby is doing well and that you are managing to keep the stress at a low level. Much better for all concerned :)

    I love Kevin and he has such a beautiful story...he is very handsome!!


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