January 3, 2012

January - A Look Ahead

My blog is now four years old! It’s hard to believe that it has reached that milestone. I started this little spot on the web a couple of months after I retired, thinking that it would be a good pastime. Little did I realize how many great friends I would make along the way! I also had no idea how much it would spur me to improve my photography. It’s been a wild ride! 

I have traditionally held a giveaway whenever I have a “blogaversary”. This time is no different, except there is going to be a little twist. No entering will be involved. Stay tuned for a later post! 

This is a month for us to hunker down, stay warm, and stay healthy. I am over the nasty cold that flung itself on me right before Christmas, thank goodness. Hubby will continue to do his regular exercises and heal up from his hip replacement surgery last month. He’ll have another follow-up visit to the doctor in a couple of weeks. Until then, I remain the designated driver for shopping errands. He is progressing very well and deeply appreciates all the good wishes that my blogging friends have expressed. 

It is a month of indoor pursuits. Soups and chili will probably get featured a lot on our menus. We’ll feed the birds and watch their antics. My consulting work will continue. Our Kindles will stay loaded up with electronic books to entertain our minds. And, we'll be processing digital travel photos in our spare time. 

The famed Katmai brown bears will finally make their appearance this month on my blog. No ifs, ands, or buts. (Except for a furry kind of butt, LOL). The photos are long overdue. I am still torn about processing a few more. I can’t keep tinkering with the images of these charming creatures. I hope you will be mesmerized too.


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary, we always enjoy seeing your photos, so naturally we can't wait for the fuzzy butts. So glad your health is improving as well as your hubby's. Happy New Year.

  2. Congrats on the bloggaversary!

    I am jealous as can be for your Kindle! i was just thinking today how sweet one would be to have in bed for late night reading...maybe Craigslist?

  3. Congrats on 4 years of fun blogging! You've done so many interesting posts on your travels...especially Alaska and Prince Edward Island! I've really enjoyed all of your amazing photos! I hope you continue to feel better and that hubby keeps healing! Stay warm...it's even cold in Florida here today! Hugs, Diane ♥

  4. January's looking pretty good over here. Looking forward to all you've got planned for us!

  5. Love your Katmai bears.... Gorgeous!!!!!!

    Yes---it is a chili and soup month... I picked yesterday to start walking again... We walked yesterday in 25 degree temps and today in 28 degree temps.... GADS!!!! ha


  6. Congratulations on your 4th Bloggaversary my friend! I was a late comer but feel so fortunate to have found such a wonderful place to visit.

  7. the photos and stories thatyou post with them are always interesting to see and read about, and what a great hobby to have plus traveling with dh ! Life can't get any better than that...except for the surgeries that is! Hope he is feeling well and therapy continues to do well and you both will be out and about soon! Happy New Year dear friends !

  8. You CAN'T make me wait any longer for those Bears!!!Hahaaa
    I love meh some bears!!
    Glad Jim's coming along nicely!!!

  9. I welcome the appearance of the Katmais!!!! And if it stays so cold here, we'll sure be making some chili. Love to Jim and you, dear Donna!!! Oh, and Marty and Kevin. Hugs to all.

  10. I can't wait to see the furry butts :)
    This is certainly a good month for hibernation mode. Soup, a good book and a blanket are what I've been craving.

  11. Our January is almost 60 degrees! It's been wonderful. Looking forward to the bears! I'm glad Mr. Jim is doing so well, that's great. I'm back to claying, thanks to the wonders of modern medicine. :)

    Happy New Year!

  12. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful way to spend January! Like the way you think, Ms. Donna.

    Glad to hear hubby is still on the mend. You'll be dancing by Valentine's Day for sure ♥

  13. Four years... Good job! Happy anniversary! :)

  14. Congratulations on your blogaversary Donna! I need to find out when mine is. I lose track of little details like that. ha!!


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