January 2, 2012

A Look Back at 2011

It was an incredible year! Looking in my mind’s rearview mirror, 2011 is chocked full with memories and adventures.
  • We spent our first entire year at our new Grey Havens cottage, experiencing every season. It no longer feels like we are visiting. It feels like home! 
  • In January, I started a new consulting job with my former employer and put my retirement status on hold. The work continued throughout the year, and it will finally come to a close in a few more months. It has seriously impacted my free time, but the unexpected income has provided us a welcomed financial cushion in these difficult economic times. 
  • We had several snowfalls early in the year, giving us an opportunity to photograph the cheerful birds that visited our bird feeders and our lovely neighborhood shrouded in a white cloak. 
  • Our cottage welcomed the completion of some landscaping projects in the spring. We continued to spot deer and other wildlife as they venture into our yard from the adjacent woodlands. 
  • In April, we explored national parks and other scenic areas in north-central New Mexico. We saw incredible vistas like the one shown above at Tent Rocks National Park. 
  • During the month of May, we bit the Apple and switched over from old PC computers to new iMacs. Though the transition took a little adjustment (you know what they say about old dogs and new tricks), we haven’t experienced a single computer system problem since then. 
  • My photo editing skills continued to improve during the year. We added Nik Complete software to our arsenal of digital processing tools. I also started to feature larger-sized images on my blog, linked to my flickr account. 
  • My blog celebrated its 3-year anniversary, 500th post, and 600th post. Though I worked, my wee blog ended the year with an all-time high of posts. Numerous series about our travels and participation in the photo challenge contributed to this prolific achievement. I also featured custom blog headers and backgrounds throughout the year! 
  • In July, we traveled throughout Alaska, photographing astonishing scenery and wildlife for three memorable weeks. It was truly a trip of a lifetime that we will fondly remember. If you followed my blog this year, you got a visual taste of our legendary 49th state. 
  • In late September and early October, we traveled to the Canadian Maritimes and enjoyed quaint coastal scenery. I’ll be featuring photos from that trip later on this year. 
  • My sweet hubby received a bionic hip this past month and spent three weeks at a rehabilitation facility to assist in his recovery. We celebrated a very low-key Christmas and gave thanks to the miracles of modern medicine. 
We have had our share of personal challenges throughout the year. Life at Grey Havens is not always a bed of roses. But we strive to focus on those moments that bring us joy, live our lives to the fullest, and show kindnesses along the way. Some of you started last year’s journey with me, and some began to visit later on. I hope that you enjoyed the ride. I certainly did! 

2011 is put to bed. It’s history. 

Okay, 2012 - bring it ON! Won’t you join me?


  1. A year gone already! It does fly I am looking forward to all you'll do and post of Donna in 2012

  2. Oh the places you will go...is that line already taken? I have so enjoyed your journeys and look forward to seeing more of the ones already taken and the ones you have yet to travel. How's the man holding up since Saturday? Do you have him doing his exercises?

  3. It's been a pleasure to go on these journey's with you. You have taken me places I may never get to go and I thank you for that!
    Can't wait to see what this year brings!
    Have a beautiful day my friend.

  4. Can't wait to see what you two will do or go to next. Those challenges; they make us stronger. :)


  5. you sure had one exciting year. It's been a pleasure to travel along through your photos.

  6. You certainly did have an exciting, busy, and interesting year, and thank you for sharing it all with us! I know you met every experience and every challenge with your characteristic charm, generosity, and spirit of adventure. May God bless Grey Havens and its much-loved inhabitants in 2012!

  7. Hi Donna, I'm so glad to have met you in 2011.. I enjoy your blog so much... It was a good year for you. You got to do some great traveling..

    I will also be doing a "Best of 2011" group of posts --as I relived 2011 through my posts recently... I'll divide the posts into groups and do them on Fridays for awhile... Great memories.

    Happy 2012 to you both.

  8. Happy New Year! I'm looking foward to all the places your camera takes us this year! Through your pictures, I get to see so many things I otherwise wouldn't get to see.

  9. Oh Wow Miz Donna! Am I LOVING your new background and header??? You Bet! Gorgeous! But I'm partial to bears anyway...and these are wonderful!
    I know I've said this before,but I'll probably say it a dozen more times before I'm done...I'm SO fortunate to have found you. Your warmth, love, generosity and kindness are without limits.
    You give to others in so many ways...not only in the way you live your life but also in your photography...I love you sweetie...May the wings of 2012 carry us all to a happier place...
    I'm with you about 2012, Bring It!

  10. I'm sending HUGS and Happy New Year/Wonderful 2012 wishes to you. The years are flying past over here... :)


  11. What a year you've had! It's fun reading through your list and remembering some of the adventures you've blogged about. I wanted to stop by and wish you an Amazing 2012! Happy New Year!

  12. WOW! You've had an amazing year! I'm glad you like to take photos...I sure love seeing them! Happy New year my friend! ♥♥♥


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