February 1, 2012

February - A Look Ahead

Hello, February! We get an extra day allocated to us this year (the 29th), so we better make the most of it! 

The weather in January was downright delightful compared to our typical winter months. Let’s hope that February continues the trend! The daffodils are peeking out of the flowerbeds here at the cottage. Some green stalks are now several inches tall! We should have blooms starting in a couple of weeks. Oh, how I adore my “daffies”! Not only do I love to photograph them, but I always look forward to filling vases and scattering them around our cottage. Such bright blooms of sunshine can’t help but make us smile! 

And I am going to need all the help I can get to smile when I finish up our income tax return this month. I’ve already begun this dreadful task. I readily admit that I’m not thinking charitable thoughts about our 2011 tax bill. Despite overly generous withholdings (at least I thought they were), we will be required to send in an additional amount to the government coffers. This is the heavy price we have to pay (literally) for me picking up the consulting job last year. What gets my goat is that our government wastes a LOT of our hard-earned dollars. But I will count our blessings for the extra income and try to keep the grumbling to a minimum. 

Thank you for your continued interest in the latest Alaska photo series, the Katmai Brown Bears. I am tickled to hear that several of my gal followers call over their menfolk to the computers and have them check out my photos and posts too! Alaska is America’s grandest wilderness, so save up those pennies (if you can) and put this destination on your bucket list! You won’t regret it. During February, you’ll be treated to more bear photos and tales of our Alaska adventure. 

Speaking of bucket lists, hubby and I have been making plans and reservations for more trips this year! Our first jaunt is still in the planning stages, but we will trek up to Indiana in April to visit some of my relatives. Then we will take a few detours and stops on the way back home, meandering through southwest Ohio and middle Kentucky. 

In July, we are confirmed to take a small boat cruise on Alaska’s famed Inside Passage! We took a similar trip way back in 1996, but we didn’t have digital photography equipment back then. So we decided a repeat performance was in order. The scenic beauty and wildlife in this area are incredible. Our particular departure is touted as a photographic voyage and a professional will be on board. (Of course with my hubby, I have a pro with me on every trip!) 

In August, we are confirmed on a Natural Habitat Adventures tour of Glacier National Park (USA) and Waterton Lakes National Park (Canada). I have been itching for many years to visit this part of the mountainous west. It’s hard to believe that it’s finally going to happen! In addition to soaking up the outdoor grandeur, we’re also going to relish staying at the old historic lodges in the two parks. 

I will continue with my consulting job this month (reviewing and writing technical procedures for electric power facilities). My contract was renewed again in January. But I plan to quit and go back to retirement mode in early April. Ah, I can already see the finish line! 

That’s enough rattling on for now. If you have read this far, then you deserve a gold star for your attention span!


  1. I really enjoy the recounting of your adventures. Alaska is definitely on our list of "musts"...

  2. I'll take my gold star now! LOL!
    It's nice to see the end of the road when it comes to work. And it looks as if you have some fun planning ahead of you!
    Have a great night!

  3. Hi Donna, You need to go back and see my Monday's blog post. When you are in Ohio, you need to visit the Hocking Hills State Park. I blogged about one part of it this past Monday... Such a marvelous place.

    Sounds like you two will have another busy but GREAT year... Glad you can travel where you want to go. One of these years we'll make it to Alaska.

    Yes--the good ole Govt. does take alot of our money. And they DO waste most of it... Dang it!!!!

    We've been traveling this week a little ---so of course there are lots of new photos to go through...


  4. I'm so jealous of you and your daffys. I'm sure we'll still have a wicked blast of winter before my daffys are up and blooming. Anxious to see more of your bears. Stay calm and find some loop holes for your income tax. good luck

  5. We just had out taxes done and are getting a small refund..thank goodness because like you I really hate giving the government any more than I have to! Sound like some great trips plannd and I am looking forward to seeing those pictures!

  6. More fun trips planned! Some places I've never heard of...maybe all places I've never heard of. Ohio? Kentucky? Where's that? ☺

    No bucket lists for us, I'm afraid. My darling is a bit too staid for that sort of thing. I'll be blessed if I can get him back to Vermont.

    Taxes. Ugh. My sympathies.

    Thank you for my gold star, I've always wanted one.

    Oh, yes, I haul John over here regularly.

  7. Our daffodils are all the way up. I fear they're in for a shock at some point -- it's bound to happen; right? -- but maybe not. So far this South Carolina "winter" has actually been a spring. I am not complaining! I will begin to complain, though, if you get me started on the subject of taxes, how much we pay, and the many ways our government sees fit to fritter it away on utter nonsense. So I'll say sayonara for now.

  8. Tickled with the weather we are having!! Spring fever :)

    Donna, did I miss photos from Prince Edward Island trip? I was looking forward to those, too.

    At first I thought you were going to India...LOL

    Indiana is much closer...good luck with the taxes!! xoxox

  9. It's Leap Year! I better get busy then. :)

    Actually, my paternal grandmother was born on the 29th of February.

    Here's to a good year of travel to you two lovely people.


  10. Hahahaaa...I'm with Paxie! I had to re-read the sentence! I thought it was India!
    I've been jumping for joy here girlie! My prize arrived here yesterday!! I KNOW I can't EVER write on them so I've got plans for them...more on that later!
    Thanks again Donna! Everything is Beautiful!!!

  11. You have so many fun adventures already planned this year. Can't wait to see and hear all about them! I totally understand how excited you are about daffies- they make me that way too!

  12. Thanks for the gold star :)
    It seems so odd hearing that daffodils are already starting to come up in February. I can't wait to start seeing the spring flowers.
    Hooray for the countdown to retirement :)


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