February 12, 2012

Waiting for Daffodils

Spring fever is making the rounds. Has there been an epidemic in your corner of the world too? I am eager for the early season daffodils to great us outside. But we had a cold winter snap settle in the past couple of days and that has slowed down their progress. The grocery store had a huge wall of pots with spring blooms strategically located near the door. The sight was dazzling and the smell was divine. We couldn’t resist selecting some tulips and daffodils to brighten up a corner of our kitchen table.

So how about a couple of vintage spring graphics to decorate here too?  Enjoy!


  1. Very pretty images! The redbuds and dogwood trees are blooming here in Florida already! That's always a surprise to see in Feb! ♥

  2. Love the graphics, and we have that cold snap too, but snow too.

  3. Love the graphics those are so pretty. I can't wait to start seeing the spring flowers again but first we have to get rid of our latest snowfall.

  4. HI Donna, So far, we only had one Daffodil blooming in our yard this early... AND--today when we looked at it, it had been killed by the big freeze....

    I love spring--but I hate it when we have an early spring followed by some frigid weather.....

    It was 11 degrees at 8 am this morning... Brrrrr.


  5. Love these images, makes me want spring even more.

  6. I'm loving the rain that's here right now...hope it continues!
    Love these flower posters! The weather certainly has been Crazy!
    We had SNOW near Dallas Sat night and it was in the 20's...Today, it's suppose to be 61...sigh...crazy!

  7. Our daffys came up about ten days ago and their cute yellow heads bobbed in the sunshine, enjoying balmy breezes, until our cold snap came! It was bitterly cold this past Saturday. Now the daffys are face-down in the dirt. No word yet on whether they plan to revive. Meanwhile our car had a faint dusting of electric-yellow pollen but now that's been blown away by winter winds too! But no worries ... it's supposed to be 70 degrees again late in the week!

  8. Beautiful images! Thank you for sharing!

  9. You've captured my heart with this one! Daffodils have a special place in my heart - they were a gift from some very special ladies at a time when my heart needed a boost. I love them so much I've named my little, vintage trailer 'Daffodil' - a place to relax and get a 'boost' in the routines of life!


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