September 2, 2012

September - A Look Ahead

We’ve had a crazy summer schedule this year, packed with two major trips. Though have seen some amazing sights and successfully avoided about a third of the uncomfortable heat and humidity, I’m looking forward to staying home for a while. I have some catching up to do! 

Throughout the years, I have always welcome the calendar’s change to September. This year is no exception. I see that the sun is getting a bit lower in the horizon. The foliage on the trees and in the flowerbeds is getting a slightly tired look. The squirrels are getting busier. The door-to-door solicitations by school children for high-priced merchandise have begun in earnest. High school and college football seasons have started. It’s time to turn our thoughts to fall! The cooler weather can blow on in any time now! Ah, you can’t blame a gal for dreaming, can you? 

Right before we began our Montana journey, we saw new neighbors moving into the vacant house across the street. When we returned a couple of weeks later, we discovered that they moved back out. The “sale pending” sign has been removed and replaced with a “for sale” sign and lockbox. We don’t know what happened, but speculate that the financing fell through. Who knows? Despite the setback, our subdivision should see a little bit of activity later on this month and in October when the local home show kicks off. A new villa home (different floor plan from ours) located down the street from us will be part of the show’s lineup. Fortunately, construction starts in our subdivision have been better than most in the area during housing downturn. There are currently five houses being built and a couple of more lots have recently sold. 

We thoroughly enjoyed watching the Republican convention last week and listening to the speeches. We found it inspiring and positive. We also went yesterday to see the movie, 2016: Obama’s America. It was pretty frightening! It was also excellent. We are cautiously optimistic and looking forward to a change in leadership to lead us through these troubled economic times. I’ll be ordering a yard sign this month! 

We plan to tackle some organizing work projects this month here at the cottage, now that our schedules have settled down. Closets need to be cleaned out. The storage room still beckons for attention. Yes, I had the best of intentions to get that work behind me during the spring months. It just never happened. 

For a change of pace, I am going to spend less time on the computer this month editing photos and more time in my lovely studio space. My sewing machine is feeling quite neglected, and there are several unfinished projects that need completion – projects that got pushed aside when the consulting work interrupted them. It will do my head and heart good to do some crafting and handwork for a little variety. 

This month my dear blog readers will get treated to more photos from Alaska’s Inside Passage. Brace yourself for dramatic scenery, magical skies, and small town charms! I’ll also share with you the results of the re-staining project for our cottage’s front porch columns, corbels, and shutters. The work turned out beautifully. 

I hope you get settled in this September, as well, and anticipate the upcoming change of season!


  1. I look forward to your always. And we'll plan a trip to the mountains of NC and enjoy some of the fabulous Fall that you enjoy! Happy holiday weekend, my friend!

  2. September crashed in with the remnants of a hurricane. Hot and humid! Tomorrow should be cooler. I can't wait.
    Love your banner.

  3. can't wait to see all the photos coming up

  4. I'm looking forward to fall and have started my fall decorating, but the heat wave has returned this weekend. We are back to the triple digits after a cooler than normal August. I have been so involved in projects and work, I seem to have had little time for blog hopping.
    Hope you have a wonderful September!


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