October 12, 2012

Beauty is Right Outside the Door

This photo proves that beauty is just right outside the door. I didn’t have to travel to some exotic location for this scene. I took the image a couple of weeks ago right on our front porch. Fortunately, I looked up long enough from the computer screen to witness the sunset scene enfolding on the other side of the window. 

It was a gentle reminder that I need to step away from the computer now and then. Reality beckons.

I’ll see you in a few days.


  1. what a contrast in this image! enjoy a few days away!

  2. That is an amazing sunset and a fabulous photo! Enjoy your weekend! I hope we can get out for a drive and enjoy this beautiful part of the country! Sweet hugs!

  3. Awesome, Donna... Love the colors. Those clouds look like cotton....

    Very dreary and cloudy here ALL DAY--but not as cool as it has been.

    Have a great weekend/week.

  4. Oh that very thing happened to me recently and I took pictures to prove it. I found myself being a bit too much like the character Brick on In the Middle. ☺ Beautiful sunset!

  5. WHOA Girl!! What a rocking Shot! Love the pink!!!

  6. Yes, I learned that when I moved into this little place with nothing in back of it. My sky view is always different. Love your picture.

  7. I just looked out the window and saw the most gorgeous sunrise - bits of blue sky and sun shining through the clouds. After the rain!

  8. Amazing beauty! Happy you noticed it and shared the photo!

  9. Gosh, the red-orange colors are phenomenal! Absolutely gorgeous!

    Yes, walk away from the computer sometimes and take more lovely photos like these for your photo-hungry friends like me! LOLOL


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