October 9, 2012

Latest Projects at the Cottage

I promised you earlier that I would show the latest improvement projects at Grey Havens cottage. This task has been overdue! I finally got a chance to take some new photos after the landscaping crew cut the grass last week.

Last month, we had some simple landscaping done under the screened-in porch on the back of the house. There was originally grass planted in this area by the builder. It was rather predictable that the grass wasn’t going to grow under there. (Sorry, but I don't have any "before" photos.) So we had a short block curb installed along with pebbles to tidy up the whole area. Mr. Jim pressure washed the bricks after the job was completed, and then moved our old Charleston battery bench and a little table down there. It now serves as a shady spot in the back yard to sit out a sudden rainstorm or rest a spell from the summer heat. We're very pleased how this turned out and solved a problem area.

Pardon the big weed garden next door, but that is one of the major drawbacks of living next to an empty lot during a housing downturn.

In August, we had the front porch columns, shutters, and corbels sanded and refinished. We opted for a top-grade solid stain in a color that compliments the brick siding. Oh, it looks so much better now, especially with that landscaping wall that was installed this past spring!

Here's a close-up of the front porch area.

And this is a view from the other side of the cottage, with the late afternoon sun casting a glow. You can also see in this photo the new Japanese maple (in the left foreground) that we added this past spring. It’s already starting to change colors!

You probably already spotted a couple of pumpkins resting on the front porch near the steps. But I also hung to fall wreath above the door to give it some seasonal color. Do you see the reflection in the lower left-hand glass pane? That’s my version of a self-portrait. Ha-ha!

I hope that you enjoyed this outside tour!


  1. i like your seating alcove. :) and your house looks lovely!

  2. It all looks lovely. I like the new shady spot. I've always wished that we had a spot to sit outside when it's raining (without getting wet that is)....lol

  3. The floral door pediment is a great solution. I have another if you want to hang a wreath and don't want to drive any nails. Super solution to the cutaway where the grass would not grow. Do you ever sit down there with a glass of iced tea?

    Love the colors on the house, the trim, the pumpkins, and the tree! Grey Havens is looking fantastic all the way around.

  4. It really is nice to have a nice place to sit! Some of the plants you have look like the ones we have here!

  5. Love it, Donna. That would be a neat place for a SWING too.... I'd love it...

    Cold here this week. We have been enjoying a fire in the fireplace all week... Love it!!!


  6. Oh my goodness I sure do love your house!

  7. It's so neat and tidy looking! Very nice solution for the little shady area in the back. :) Your house is just great. I'm glad you are enjoying the reduction in work to keep it up after the other house.

  8. That's marvelous! You two are too much.

  9. That looks like a great spot for a respite from work in the sun.

  10. What a gorgeous place you have! The front retaining wall and landscaping are lovely, and I like what you did with that "problem" corner of the house too. Your "cottage" looks very well kept...nice and neat with beautiful colors. Very cozy and warm looking too!


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