October 21, 2012

Lexington Ponies - A Thank You Letter

Do you remember the posts about the Lexington ponies and photos that I shared back in June? If you need a refresher or if you are a new visitor, HERE is a convenient link to the three-part story.

To show our gratitude for the impromptu invitation we received to visit a Kentucky thoroughbred farm and see young foals, we printed up some enlargements of my photographs and sent them to the farm owner. The images seemed to be a big hit, and we received a delightful thank you letter.
"Thank you so much for the fantastic photographs of the mares and foals. They are such beautiful photographs and so well taken. All of the staff was delighted to see the photographs. We mailed some photos to the clients and owners of the horses. We are framing some more here for the office."
"I am so glad you enjoyed your visit to the farm. It was my pleasure to invite you to the farm. Anytime in the future if you are in the area please come by and visit. It would be a pleasure to have you at the farm again."
The whole story is a great reminder of several things. First, you never know what chance encounters will happen when you venture out to do some freestyle, unplanned photography. Second, there are still thoughtful souls out there who show great kindnesses to total strangers. Third, one should always repay kindnesses because the blessings multiply even further.

One thing is for sure. The next time we wander through the back roads of Lexington’s thoroughbred horse country, one stop will be planned!


  1. i am so glad you did a follow-up to the story. your photos were so beautiful, i just knew they'd be loved.

  2. What a nice thank you letter.
    Repaying kindness not only multiplies the blessings but it warms the heart and the spirit

  3. Oh what a heartwarming story! I love it! :)

  4. Oh that is a lovely letter. More beautiful photos to come one spring day when the whole world is new and green again.

  5. Nice story, nice letter. Beautiful photo of a gorgeous creature!

  6. Ok, number 1- I'm not sure how I missed the series about the horses. #2- I went back and read all 3 post. #3 Wow, Wow, Wow!!! Your pictures are fantastic and all worthy of being framed. That is so great that the owner let you visit the farm and take pictures.

  7. ALL your photos are Gorgeous Girl! I know they Loved receiving them!!
    I'll see YOU at the Debate! Bring Popcorn!!


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