October 20, 2012

Return from North Carolina Mountains

The fall colors are hitting their peak on the mountains in western North Carolina. So we loaded up Mister Jim’s car earlier this week and bolted to enjoy the scenery for a few days. We stayed in Brevard, North Carolina, and explored Pisgah National Forest and the  Blue Ridge Parkway

The scenery was incredible! It was a new area for me to explore, and one that Mister Jim had not seen in several decades. In addition to sightseeing, I also got some needed practice with my new camera. It got the better of me a couple of times, but I managed to take some pretty photos anyhow, LOL. 

This image was taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway, a few miles northeast of the parkway's intersection with route 276. The city of Asheville is down there somewhere! 

On one day of our trip, we briefly ventured into the big city so that we could attend the fall craft fair of the Southern Highland Craft Guild and visit the nearby Folk Art Center.  We had a wonderful time at both venues and bought a few handcrafted treasures.

We’re going to briefly catch up this weekend with the household and then head out again, this time to middle Tennessee. I hope that you are enjoying the autumn season too!


  1. I'm movin around again... I see you are still your photo takin, travelin you. :)). Good to see ya. Good to see marty too.. I luff him

  2. Did you wave from up there? We took our binoculars and can actually see our condo from one of the overlooks! You have to know where to look though! lol The color has been outstanding this past week. I'm so glad you got a chance to visit. Brevard is a fun town to spend time in. People say they see Steve Martin is there pretty often...he has a home there, I think. Did you see a white squirrel? We saw one on the second day we were here. GORGEOUS photo! I hope you'll post some more!

  3. I will continue to enjoy the change of seasons through your blog my friend. Simply Stunning!!!

  4. That is pretty. We were out running around today and I was just in awe of all the colors. It's been gorgeous this past week. Won't be long before it's all gone

  5. I love that area and have not been down there in a very long time. Used to hike the Appalachian trail when I was MUCH younger.
    Beautiful photo.
    You needed a new camera? With the gorgeous pictures you take? Can I have the old one??? hahaha

  6. Yes, we are. And I can tell that your trip was terrific, too. What great color and beautiful views. I'd like to take that trip myself one day.

  7. "Cottage Days and Journeys" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week. I hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.


  8. Yes, I broke down and got a Nikon D800 a few weeks ago. I wanted to challenge myself with an FX model (full-frame sensor) and try some HDR work. My trusty Nikon D90 is staying with me though. It's a workhorse and my hands have all of of its controls memorized!

  9. Oh, those NC mountains...these mountains were the heartbeat of our family for so many years. As we've all grown and moved to different places, and even our children have children, the view you photographed and posted here is the one that's in our hearts when we think of our parents and extended family. :-)

  10. I am very much enjoying this autumn season. We're having more rain now, but it's still beautiful. So much colour, and I love seeing the leaves dance in the wind.

  11. We've traveled the Blue Ridge Parkway in the summer and I thought it was beautiful then, but those fall colors are spectacular! Really nice shot, Donna!

    Can't wait to see your Tenn. pics!


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