December 1, 2012

December - A Look Ahead

Can you believe that the last month of the year has arrived? I am shaking my head in wonderment! We’ve been traveling so much the last few months, we've completely lost track of time.

The cottage is partially decorated. I had every intention of finishing it up today, but it didn’t happen. So the feather trees will make their appearance tomorrow. There won’t be any big trees adorning the cottage this year. We’re giving our weary bones a break.

Neighbors throughout the subdivision had a burst of energy this week, and outdoor Christmas lights now blaze during the evening hours. We attended a party last night held by some lovely neighborhood friends, and we thoroughly enjoyed visiting with fine folks and tasting holiday confections. This dipping of our toes in holiday revelry has now gotten us into the spirit of the season. We’re looking forward to getting together with other friends during the month as well.

We didn’t volunteer our time with the Salvation Army this year, but we’re filling the kettles with extra donations of folding money instead. I hope that you will consider filling the kettles with some spare change as you go about your shopping adventures. The Salvation Army does such good work in local communities throughout the year, helping the poorest of the poor and providing disaster assistance.

My Christmas card list is getting smaller and smaller each year. I have a few to address and mail out to relatives and some far-away friends. We’ll be relying on e-cards to send out most of our greetings.

Most of our shopping tasks are done. We try to avoid the December crowds at all costs, and plan to only venture out for essentials like groceries and a few doctor appointments. We plan to bake and decorate some cookies soon, then knock on doors and give them away! Oh, we’ll keep a few for our own nibbling too. All in all, it will be a busy month, but also a restful one as soon as the decorating work is done.

You can look forward to more photos this month from our small boat trip in Alaska during July and also our polar bear adventure last month. Images that feature photos from our August trip to Montana and our 2011 Canadian Maritimes tour will make their appearances next year. I am excited that my blog is now only five away from the 800-post milestone! I’ll have to pick out a special photo for number 800, don’t you think?

Best wishes for a contented month, filled with fun and love. This is your final opportunity to say farewell to the grand year of 2012!


  1. i want to live in your neighborhood so you can knock on my door and deliver cookies! :)

    and i can only imagine what you might think is a special photo. i think all of your photos are special!

  2. I'm glad you are able to embrace the season my friend. I however have a bad cold and everything is on hold right now. *sigh*Good thing I got a lot done before I got hammered.
    Congrats on your almost 800th post. Can't wait to see the special picture you pick to adorn that post.
    Have a wonderful night.

  3. People here in Florida seem to go all out with outside decorations. They are springing up everywhere. I can't wait to get in the car one night and drive around to see them. We put up some but aren't going all out this year...just what we like best. And we avoid the stores, too or shop at the small hometown stores. I look forward to this month...I don't want to stress over it! Happy December my friend!

  4. I hope you have a wonderful December and a very Merry Christmas! All of your pictures are special, so I'm not sure how you could decide.

  5. Donna
    I love our polar bear card! I, like you, want to keep my decorating simple. With no children coming this year I can get by with it.
    I support Salvation Army too, it's a proven organization. I also like Samaritan's Purse.
    It sounds like you found a good holiday balance this season. Enjoy!!

  6. The grand year that was 2012? How euphemistically put! =D

    Sounds as if you are settling right into your neighborhood and enjoying all that it offers in the way of neighborliness and fun. Perfect!

  7. Sounds like the month of December is getting off to a roaring start around your place. I hope the month is filled with all joy.

    The Salvation Army does great work, as does Samaritan's Purse. So many needy people in this world.

  8. It is hard to believe that we are already in December. It sounds like you are going to be very busy.
    I'm trying to avoid the stores myself unless I have to

  9. It's a beautiful 60 degrees here. There will be little decorating. I'm off to see if I can capture something with the unbroken lens.

  10. Love your knocking on doors idea. Maybe I'll skip giving cookies to my siblings... Thanks for stopping by, and your hugs. I appreciate it, really. Maybe you could just show me pictures of your cookies, it's far less calories.

  11. Hi Donna, You have created a wonderful blog.. its like a breath of fresh air.

    Thank you for your kind comment.. and following my blog.

    Have a delightful evening :)

  12. Hi Donna, We too give money to the Salvation Army and to the Red Cross. They both do good work.

    I'm working on some of my Christmas cards tonight... My list seems to get shorter. So many people don't send cards anymore.

    We are finished with the shopping too --but we don't do much in the way of gifts for Christmas. I love Christmas --and want to enjoy the true meaning. I like to relax and take in the entire month --without all of the stress (that I had when I was younger)....

    Our decorations are up and we are enjoying them... It's just a great month to celebrate.

    Happy Advent Sunday!

  13. It is nice that you live in a neighborhood with good friends to bring the season in with. Bob and I are finding each year little harder to do all we once did in decorating outside...but gave the porch a good try! your 800th post photo will be special , I am sure! are all your photos! Merry Christmas Donna!

  14. Can't wait to see pictures of your decorations. We are downsizing and simplifying our Christmas a bit as well. Enjoy this happy time of year!

  15. You do know that you can mail cookies, right? :)


  16. Thanks for stopping by this morning.. hope your day is full of wonderous surprises, Donna :)

  17. Donna! no! i can't believe it is December 2012. I am barely realizing is it 2012, let alone next month with be 2013! wow.

    thanks for the online store tip. much appreciated.

  18. I don't want to "do" 2013!!!Hahaaaa... I can't imagine what's coming in this new year...ugggg...

    Love the December shot...You do those SO prettily!

    I've also thought about upgrading to CS6 but I'm so tired of learning curves...I'm getting use to PSE...
    And the very thought of losing all my actions.....sigh...All that I've bought are only for PSE...

  19. How nice that you have already accomplished so much and will be able to restfully enjoy the month and Christmas.

    I am running a bit behind in decorating but I will get there too :)

  20. Girl this year slipped away from me like they all do. I don't know which way to turn or where to start. Merry Christmas!

  21. It's December? Oh my :)

    Sounds very peaceful, which is the way I believe it's supposed to be and I intend to have it that way here as well.

    Looking forward to some Montana photos. I have always wanted to go there :)


  22. And...I always give as generously as I can to Salvation Army. They provided the one Christmas my Mom had as a child ♥


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