January 22, 2013

Mid-January Ruminations & Cogitations

Gosh, I didn’t mean to take a short blogging break, but it appears that I did just that. The usual trio of suspects have thwarted my posting endeavors: this, that, and the other. But I have a few stolen minutes for sharing a little update. Below are some of the things shaking in my world at the cottage.

We’ve been splurging lately on a few pots of springtime flowers. The tulips, hyacinths, and crocus are now history. They were glorious while they lasted! A healthy pot of colorful primroses now resides on the dining room table.

I hope you enjoy these macro images of a red and white tulip bloom. The photos were taken next to my office window. The sunlight was diffused (not direct), and I placed a reflector on the opposite side. The reflector bounced light back in to softly illuminate the shadow area. (Please remember to click the images to see them in a bigger size.)

We saw the Lincoln movie the other day. It was very good. Photography and acting were excellent. We both expected it to be more about the life of Lincoln. But the movie plot centers primarily on the efforts for passing the 13th Amendment. If you have been thinking about seeing it, please go! It is informative and a visual treat.

My trusty Bernina sewing machine received a professional cleaning and tune-up a few weeks ago. So I have been sewing and making messes lately in my studio room. In addition to some mending/alterations, I attempted to create a Kindle accessory based on sketchy Internet information. The prototype needs tweaking, so I will make a second attempt. I might share it here if it finally turns out to my fussy satisfaction. I also got a wild hair and created a half-dozen fabric hearts for a little Valentine’s Day decoration. These hearts now fill a cut crystal bowl on the entryway table. I plan to take a photo of them later this week and show you how they look!

We learned that a new model home will be built across the street from us this year. Construction will commence in a couple of months and be finished for the annual parade of homes in late September/early October. Though it will be a temporary nuisance during the building phase, we’re excited that the bare lot eyesore will be transformed!

I have to admit that I have waffled back and forth on developing a routine photo challenge for your participation. My biggest concern is whether I truly want to devote the time and effort for the undertaking. Right now, I think I will proceed. But if it gets to be too much work, I reserve the right to give it up! After much thought, I have reserved a separate blog for the photo challenge project. But I haven’t gotten very far in setting it up. I readily admit that procrastination has been hampering my progress!

We got a new grocery store in our area, a Publix. We really like it! It’s been fun to walk up and down the aisles, comparing their inventory to our usual grocery haunts, Krogers and Food City. It doesn’t take much to amuse us, LOL!

I need to wrap this up and pick out a photo for Wordless Wednesday. Yikes, the time does fly by!


  1. glad you're being productive and busy - not sick like so many others out there in blogland. :) i like your tulip macros.

  2. We shop at Publix here in Florida and love it. We don't have a whole foods store nearby so we're glad they carry some organic and healthy choices. Their sales are excellent and you don't have to have a 'member card' to shop there. Enjoy your week!

  3. Tulips are my very, very favorite of all time. They were also given to me when I was a young girl at home sickly; I was stunned when my mom brought them to me and said they were from Roger who was a developmentally challenged young man from my church. He was so like my own brother. Anyway, just thinking about it brings a smile to my heart.

    Publix is also my favorite grocery store,and closer than Winn Dixie, but unfortunately don't match prescription prices so I normally just buy groceries while I'm there.

    I haven't seen that movie yet, and probably won't until it comes out on dvd. I watched a really great movie here at home yesterday; it was made in l994 called "Legends of the Fall" with Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins and Aidan Quinn. Truly, if you and Jim haven't seen it, I think you would be aghast as to how great it is.

    Well, it appears I'm writing a letter here, so I'll stop. Best of everything with your many endeavors. Oh, and I remember one year making many hearts; it was fun and now that you mention it, I may make some again!


  4. It's a beautiful tulip...beautifully photographed!

  5. Good idea to always reserve the right to bail.

    I shall expect photos of the primroses...love those little flowers.

  6. I definitely need to get to the market for a Spring bouquet.
    Can't wait to hear what fun you've been up to!

  7. Beautiful macros, Donna... Can't wait to see them in the ground here in the spring!!! I love tulips.

    We shopped Publix when I lived in FL... Nice store --and even though it's more expensive than Krogers or Food City, they do carry alot of 'different' things... Their stores are always really clean also.

    We don't have many choices here. We usually go to Krogers and Walmart --since our new Food City (near us) is so much more expensive.

    Good Luck with your Photo Challenge. I don't have time to participate in things like that anymore... But--I'm sure it will be fun.


  8. Your flower photos are beautiful, Donna. The photo challenge sounds very interesting although I doubt I'd dare post anything since I use just a little point & shoot camera!

    We don't have any of the grocery stores you named in our area. At least not that I'm aware of, but then I don't venture much past our town to do food shopping!

    Thanks for all the kind words on our living room. Yes, I'm very glad hubby and I were able to come to an agreement about having a white fireplace! And thank you also for your kind comments on my painting that I put on the mantel (blush)...

    Have a great week. We're in for frigid temperatures for the next few days. Trying to stay warm...


  9. Love the flower pics. very nice. Oh how I hate dreary winter..ugh...the only thing to hope for is a pretty snow soon.

    Your procrastination sounds like me. I have all these grand DElusions of things I want to do..just thinking about the effort is tiring sometimes.

    I love Publix. Their bakery is really good. I think much better than Kroger's. Although, overall they do seem to be a tad bit higher priced on things.


  10. A beautiful touch of spring flowers will brighten any day.
    Thanks for sharing the beauty, Donna.
    Be well and Happy ~:)

  11. whenever i see a tulip, i think "could there be a more perfect flower"?? the shape, the colors, the way you can feel it just by seeing it!!

    breathtaking image!!

  12. Sounds like you are keeping busy doing the things you love! Looking forward to seeing your bowl of hearts! The tulip pictures are lovely. We don't have Publix up here but I've read other bloggers talk about them.

  13. Your photos are absolutely breathtaking - as always. I learn so much from you, dear friend. Reading what you wrote was almost as good as sitting and chatting with you! A post is being formed - to be published soon - about the wonderful gift you gave me. Life handed me a few hiccups and interruptions and I just couldn't do your give-away justice if I hurried! Soon. I promise! In the meantime, it's on my vintage trunk/coffee table and I think of you every time I walk by or sit and revisit the places you shared.

  14. Love the photos. maybe a few spring flowers on my table would help chase the winter duldrums away here..
    All that sewing you've been doing sounds like fun to me. Can't wait to see what you've made

  15. Nice knowing about the things happening around you! My best wishes for your upcoming product :)
    The photos are very beautiful and u did a great job.

    came via TexWisGirl

  16. Beautiful Pictures! I can't wait till the spring flowers start blooming. I think a few early daffodils could bloom anytime in the next week or so.


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