January 2, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Red Fox on the Run

Churchill, Manitoba, Canada


  1. When I was young, Donna. My mom had a fox stole. Later my sister, yes, Mary, made it into a hat that had ribbons that tied under the chin. When ever I see a fox, I think of that hat.

    Thanks for the memories and the nice words on my post today, too.

  2. Love the clarity and colors Donna!
    Beautiful edit!!

  3. He, or she, is beautiful. Just love the tail

  4. Gorgeous shot! I so admire wild life photography...being at the right place at the right time AND not getting all flustered at the critical moment is impressive!

  5. That is just awesome! I feel like that fox is going to jump right out of my screen!

    My skywatch is here: http://midasfive.com/?p=511


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