April 1, 2013

April - A Look Ahead

April is here, so now I know that springtime weather will soon decide to stay! Our daffodils will bloom for another couple of weeks, though most of them have unfurled their glory and remain memories. Our tree buds are swelling. The grass has been fertilized. In fact, the grass has already been mowed twice! Dogwoods and redbuds will bloom later on this month.

A little wren is building a nest in the bird bottle that hangs on the front porch. At first we thought that it was a warbling vireo, but that bird was merely checking out the already occupied space. With delicate timing involved, I’m not sure that I will be able to snap a repeat photo like the one I did several years ago at our other cottage. But I will certainly try!

I proudly accomplished some serious whittling down of clothes hanging in my closet last month. So that task has been scratched off the to-do list. I’m also wrapping up my month-long training with lynda.com. I learned all kinds of things to totally rot my brain about settings and features for the camera I got late last year, along with instructions on how to put together a Blurb book, more Photoshop tips and tricks, and some things I didn’t know about my iPad. Oh, it’s almost a full-time job just to keep up with technology these days! I plan to sign back up again in May and take some more video training courses.

As I reported last month, I got a shot for my cantankerous knee and this injection helped. Unfortunately, I was feeling poorly most of the month with aches and pains, including a non-stop, splitting headache for three weeks. On a lark, I discontinued taking the super-duper iron pills that a doctor has put me on, and the headache went away in about 24 hours. I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers, dear friends.

To celebrate our new dining room set, we had a few dinner parties this past month. We’ll see if we can schedule another one or two for this month too. Mister Jim knows how to fix up some mighty fine tasting vittles!

I’m going to take a blogging break for a while later on this month. Marty, the faithful blog greeter rabbit, will let you know when I will be indisposed. And I’m sure that you will let me know if he creates any mischief while my back is turned, right?

Will there be more journey photos this month? Of course! My other blog, A Personal Photo Challenge, will also be featuring “simplicity” as the next topic. You are welcomed to still sign up if you haven’t done so already. It’s going to be fascinating to see what everyone creates for that one.

May your spring be awesome (and arrive soon for those friends who live up north)!


  1. I hope you had a nice Easter, Donna. Sending a wink Marty-ward.

  2. Nice to catch up with what's been happening out your way. Glad to hear that you are feeling better.

  3. Hi Donna, I too hope that April will bring us all some SPRING.. The cold weather didn't help our Daffodils this year.. Most of them are still facing the ground... Hopefully a few more will bloom soon....

    Sorry you have had a bad month healthwise... Hopefully, you will feel better soon.. Glad you got off of that iron.

    Hope you have a nice time during your blog break. I'm sure you will find MANY wonderful things to do!!!!!!


  4. Who knew that iron can cause headaches? I'm glad you are better!

    The cold and damp have been bothering my shoulder, as it is still healing from surgery. Getting older is not for sissies!

    I wish you a nice warm Spring! Happy Easter to you and Jim!

  5. hey Donna! Thanks for your sweet compliment re my little grands. We had a great time together. I love daffodils. We have several that shall be lovely soon. Hope yours are, too.

  6. We haven't seen any daffodils around here yet except for in the stores. Soon though I hope.
    Sometimes those side effects from medications can be horrible.

  7. Flowers are peeping through but it's still a race against winter.
    Are you ready for spring and warm? I sure am ready!

  8. Sounds like you have been productive. Glad the headache is gone!
    I think we may have a day over 50 deg tomorrow. Cause for celebration!!

  9. You've been through some aches and pains for sure :( So glad you are feeling better. I'm so behind in technology...I'll never catch up.

    Thankfully, I can come here and oooh and ahhhh over your beauties! xoxoxox


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