April 19, 2013

Mid-April Ruminations & Cogitations

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

The subtitle to this post should be “spring is busted out all over in East Tennessee!” We have an abundance of natural riches here in our area right now, with a palette of springtime greens and blooms blanketing the hillsides.

Yes indeed, spring fever hit us squarely between the eyes, and the only cure was to take a quick jaunt up to Cades Cover yesterday to celebrate the glorious earthly changes of the seasons. Our alarm clock was set extra early, and we arrived just as the gate opened and the morning light rose over the famed Smoky Mountains. We drove a couple of loops around the cove road, made countless stops, and dutifully exercised our legs and shutter-button fingers. We also staked out a claim to a picnic table near a woodland stream, devoured our packed lunch, and gave thanks to a day without a worry in the world.

Meanwhile, back at the cottage - we're going to have a ringside seat of entertainment for the next five months! Construction has started to build a new home on the empty lot across the street from us. Though we will be temporarily inconvenienced with noise, debris, and traffic congestion, we’re looking forward to the end result. The lot has been an eyesore, with dirt is so pitiful that weeds go somewhere else to thrive. Out of self-defense, we’ll be patrolling the street for stray nails once the carpenters show up. (Mr. Jim had to buy a new tire recently thanks to other construction projects going on in the subdivision.) The new house will be featured in the area’s parade of homes this fall. We hope that it will sell quickly and we’ll have some lovely new neighbors!

Now that some milder temperatures have arrived, we have retreated to our porches, both front and back. It’s such a modest pleasure that has endured for us over the years, whether we live on country acreage or in a suburban setting. On our porches, we enjoy some beverages, read books, discuss current events, make plans, and marvel at the changing landscape. It is a simple thing to enjoy in these complicated, and sometimes unsettled, times.

I hope you are also enjoying the simple things in life right now.

P.S. "Flowers" is next month's theme for A Personal Photo Challenge. Please visit my other blog to find our more information and photography tips.


  1. i'm glad you are happy about the construction result - it'll make the inconvenience and noise worth it, hopefully.

  2. Spring in Tennessee looks wonderful, colorful, I'm sure delightful. Not in such a hurry here, we had wonderful temps this p.m. but it's thunder and lightning now. My boys loved construction, it provided two little boys with many, many hours of entertainment. My front porch was not that comfortable, but it certainly provided a great location for viewing.

  3. Hi Donna, I thought you two were out of town this week since I haven't heard from you all week. BUT--then I read that you visited Cades Cove yesterday... There's no better place in the entire world to visit!!!! Glad you made it...

    AND---even a picnic lunch tastes better sitting at a picnic table beside a stream!!!!!!!

    Have a great weekend ---and good luck with that construction across the street...

  4. What a great time to get away! Such beauty! I think we need a picnic lunch around here soon, too, but it won't be as fine as yours. I love your enthusiasm for the construction that you'll be watching this spring and summer. Here's to wonderful neighbors! Maybe you'd like to buy the house and rent it out? ; D

  5. Simple comforts are the very best.

  6. oh that picture is gorgeous. I thought spring was here to stay but we've had some snow this morning.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful picture. I've been to Cades Cove once. I loved it. I pictured myself living there in the pioneer days. The old church is such a treasure. And I even saw a bear in one of the fields. He was watching us watching him. Lol!

  8. Glad to see your are going green! We are getting there I have seen some blossoms peeking out finally.

  9. Beautiful! Spring is bursting out all over. Oregon is ablaze with color and the aroma of newly opened buds.

  10. Wow... Beautiful shot!! Have you ever taken the hike to Abrams Falls there off the loop. I would love to see what your photos of that would look like.

  11. What a gorgeous place to live Donna! I wish I could buy that lot across the street but we'd always be out riding around taking pictures and wouldn't get any work done...Hahaaaa...

  12. Enjoy your post and I can understand about the dirty lot and looking forward to a nice home being built. Hopefully you will get good folks that are neat and quite. I am still looking for a house and there is nothing out there that is affordable. Remember there is not a sole wanting to purchase a house. Ha. I love porches and decks and is miss the one in the mounatins. Have a Happy Day. LenZie


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