May 7, 2013

May - A Look Ahead

This is probably the latest that I have ever done a monthly “look ahead” post! I’m trying to dig out of a hole right now and the hole keeps winning, LOL. I’m always glad to welcome this month. It means an abundance of flowers and a renewed sense of wonderment with nature’s changes.

As soon as I catch my breath, I’m going to start popping into neighborhood gardens with my camera and tripod. I’ve made it a personal goal this year to capture more flower images.

My view across the street is rapidly changing. The foundation work is now done for the new neighborhood house, and initial framing materials were delivered today. A port-a-john and dumpster are now included in the scenic vignette too. We’re in for a summer of non-stop entertainment!

We’re going to have out of town guests coming to visit with us next week! So I will be temporarily absent from blog visiting while we tend to our guests. We met them on our last polar bear adventure. We’re looking forward to visiting with them again and going on a field trip to Asheville’s Biltmore estate.

We will be shopping for some flowers and herbs later on this week. We’ll get them planted posthaste. The daylilies have greened up nicely since we were gone, and we might be lucky enough to see some blooms by the end of May. We noticed that a very large tree in our backyard didn’t live through the winter season. So we will need to secure a tree removal service in the near future.

I have a ton of post-processing to do with my new Utah photos. I finally have all of the images transferred to my computer and organized. So now the second part of the creative process begins. To sum it up, I took lots of photos of rocks. Big rocks. Small ones. Most of them are red. Did I mention that they have lots of rocks in southern Utah, LOL? It was especially challenging for me to do some compositions that go beyond the standard post-card type of landscape scenes. We saw a lot of wildlife (e.g., mule deer, antelope, squirrels, marmot, turkeys, bighorn sheep), but most sightings occurred while we were zooming around in a vehicle.

I still haven’t made it around to visit all my blogging buddies yet. It will probably take me all month to catch up with my visiting!

Please take time to enjoy this special month. It is truly one of the treasures on the calendar.


  1. enjoy the weather and the gardening!

  2. You'll have to do a new photo challenge....let's see...we'll call it ROCKS! heehee! I know you had a wonderful trip! Can't wait to see your pics! Sweet Southern hugs my friend!

  3. You are a busy gal. Take the time and enjoy. We'll see you when things slow down a bit, Donna. Hugs, Pam

  4. sounds like another busy month for you. I say don't worry about the catching up in blogland until it starts getting cold

  5. Sounds like a great summer ! I'll be checking in to see those beautiful flower shots you'll be taking.

  6. You have a lot to look forward to through the next months - and I can't wait to share it with you!

  7. Have a wonderful summer Donna...will look forward to seeing your wonderful photos!


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