June 2, 2013

June - A Look Ahead

The month of May was a wet one, but it was positively beautiful when the weather was dry. I expect more of the same for June, though the temperatures will be decidedly warmer. Our daylilies have been sending up scapes, so gorgeous blooms will begin to make an appearance this month! Our lavender patch has been struggling since it was moved last year. Only one plant survived and we will plant two more new plants to give it company. I’m looking forward to cutting some lavender and making fresh sachets.

I’m taking care of some personal business this month. A routine teeth cleaning was checked off my to-do list last week, and I’ll have both doctor and eye checkups in a couple more weeks. My car also needs some routine maintenance performed. My camera equipment hasn’t been cleaned since the Utah trip, so it will get some attention too!

I’m going pitifully slow on post-processing of my Utah photos. Mr. Jim is pretty much done. I haven’t gotten very far out of the starting gate. It’s the story of my life anymore, with too much time spent on other things, including blogging. So I will cut back on blogging and flickr socializing this month and buckle down with my photography work. Sorry, that’s the breaks! When I get tired of photo editing, I’ll spend some time in my lovely studio and get some sewing projects done.

One more month and the year will be half over! Let’s make it count!

P.S. I'm still going to be blogging. Just not as often until I can get some photo editing done. And yes, there is a photo challenge coming up this Saturday!


  1. It's crazy how fast this year is going by. I've got a lot of things I need to check off too. So I'll be blogging when I get a chance.
    Can't wait to see some of your photos.

  2. the time sure does fly by. So many things to get done and so little time to do them

  3. Time speeds up the longer we live...scary thought. Sorry that you are having some frustrations with the photo editing. It will be worth the wait I know. See you soon...yes, soon. Blogging doesn't have to take as long as we once gave it. You are still doing the photo challenge...yes?

  4. There's so much to do! Today hubby and I were talking about when we were kids and thought that when we grew up...and for us girls, got married...we could do whatever we wanted. No one to boss us around! I need just a few days to do whatever I want, don't you? lol Enjoy your evening! We're getting some of that nice gentle rain today!

  5. June is my body maintenance month too for annual tests and check ups. This year has gone by fast so far and I agree that we should make each day count.

  6. Enjoy your break. Sometimes we just have to figure out our priorities. Hopefully we'll see you back soon. Blessings, Pamela

  7. You are one busy lady, Donna! We had a very wet May as well, but my how it has helped things grow! I know Mr. Jim isn't much for crowds (I think you mentioned that before) but if you are out and about on the 15th, stop by and see me at the Lavender Festival! :)

  8. Sounds like you got off a lot easier than me at the dentist. All I did in May was go to the dentist (repeatedly), have bronchitis for three weeks, and experience jaw, tooth, and mouth pain. I hope June shapes up to be a little more Jenny-friendly. Can you believe in only 12 weeks it's Labor Day? And then the autumn ... wow. Time stays; we go.


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