July 1, 2013

July - A Look Ahead

We’re rolling with the punches this month. Of course, the main priority is making sure that Jim gets needed medical attention and treatments. Everything else gets in line and waits for its turn. There’s one thing for sure about a major illness. It makes you reassess what is important and what is not.

Jim will be getting more chemo treatments this month and we’ll be on the lookout for side effects. He was a trooper with the port implant and the first infusion last week. He had been feeling pretty good until late last night. Now he has some general overall muscle aches. So the medicine has started its attack. Jim wants you to know that he really appreciates the good wishes and prayers from all of you! It really touches our hearts. Keep those prayers a’coming!

My eyesight has been getting worse in the past few months, and one of my eyes has changed a full diopter since January. As a result, I’m going ahead and getting cataract surgery completed before Jim has his cancer surgery. My first eye will get done on July 19. I’ll schedule the second one for sometime in August, ensuring that it doesn’t conflict with any of Jim’s medical appointments. I’m nervous about it all, of course, but I don’t have the luxury of time to dwell on it any longer. It’s got to get done sooner rather than later!

I must confess that I am woefully and hopelessly behind on visiting my favorite blogs. I have my doubts whether I’ll ever catch up, LOL. Please forgive me! I’ve been using Bloglovin’ for tracking the latest posts. I’ve really enjoyed using the service but have found a few glitches. I discovered that some of my favorite blogs didn’t get automatically transferred, so I had to manually add them. Also, the Bloglovin’ links do not allow me to comment on a couple of the web sites. I can click on “post a comment” until the cows come home and nothing happens. So I have to visit those sites through the Blogger Reading List instead. As Winnie the Pooh would say, “Oh bother.”

Our daylilies will continue to bloom this month. After being here for three years now, the plants are well established and enjoying a glorious season. If I can get myself in gear, I’ll take a few photos and share them with you. The house construction across the street has made great strides this past month. Look for a post with photos about it very soon. I also have many Utah landscape images to share in the month of July. Yes, I’ve gotten a little bit of post-processing work done!

Of course, there will be photo challenge post this month too. The subject is “birds.” I hope that you will join in! Just click on the sidebar link for the background and signup information.


  1. Hang in there kiddo. Take it one day at a time.

  2. i am hoping jim can tolerate the treatments well. don't worry about catching up on reading. visit when you can. :)

  3. Donna
    You've had your hands full, dear lady.
    I will most certainly be praying for Jim
    and now for you with your eye surgery.
    Thanks so much for keeping us posted.

  4. Keeping them coming... Yes, thank you for letting us know how to pray.

  5. I'm keeping you both in my prayers...my hubby and I both are. Take care of yourself and each other. Try not to worry about anything else. Sweet hugs, Diane

  6. Still thinking about you two and praying for your Sweetheart --and you (when you have your cataract surgery). Bless your heart.. You all had some awesome trips planned.. BUT--life does change, doesn't it? I lost a childhood friend today --so have been quite sad all afternoon.

    Take care, Donna.

  7. Between you and Jim you sure are keeping the medical profession busy :) I've heard from several people that cataract surgery isn't so bad.
    As for the bloglovin issue, I had the same problem. When you are on one of those sites that you can't comment on you'll notice a bar at the top of that page with an x on the right hand side. Click the x it gets rid of the bar and then you can comment

  8. You and Jim continue in my prayers! My dear, little mother had cataract surgery last year - when she was eighty-nine. It's the best thing she could have done. Her eyesight was restored so much more than I ever imagined and she enjoys reading and seeing things again. You'll be fine and it will be a good thing, dear friend. Sending hugs!

  9. Hi Donna
    I've always believed that God doesn't hand down more than we can manage but with both of you having health problems, it doesn't seem fair. Prayers for both of you with what lies ahead, and I know your surgery will go well as it's an operation done regularly without a hitch.
    I like Bloglovin too except for the comment thing that happens on some blogs. Ann above has mentioned an X which I'll look for.

  10. Donna, I pray Jim will do well with the chemo treatments and that you will have a successful cataract removal later this month. Such a busy time with you both having health issues. God bless you both! We'll be here when you are able to post. Hugs, Pamela

  11. No kidding....I just got this in my email box. what's up with that? Anyway, when it rains it pours. I will say this, my brother had cataract surgery and it made all the difference in the world so that should be a good thing. As my mom used to say "getting old isn't for sissies" Amen to that!
    Hugs to you and Jim!

  12. Hi Donna, sorry you and Jim have had more than your fair share of health issues of late.
    Hopefully your health issues will improve- drastically is my prayer for both you and Jim.
    Hugs ~:)

  13. I can't believe ya'll have lived there three years already!! Wow!

    The cataract surgery, at least for me, went very well. You don't feel a thing and only have to wear a patch a day or so.

    Prayers, and more prayers headed your way.


  14. Poignant words, and true...that a major illness makes you reassess what is important and what is not. It sounds like the cataract surgery falls under the "important" category right now. I'm glad that you're having it done. Of course, taking care of your dear one is important too, and I know that you're doing a wonderful job with that! It must be such a comfort to your husband to know that you are with him. A difficult path is easier to travel when you're arm in arm with someone who loves you.

    So nice of you to stop by my blog today...especially knowing that you have so much on your plate. Your words meant a lot.

  15. Thinking of you both..sounds like a busy month with your cataract op, Donna, not to mention your husband's ongoing treatments. Hope you were able to enjoy your birthday!
    I am finally back from the cold south of the continent where I was minding three grandchildren while their parents holidayed in Honolulu, (meeting there on my son's way home from work commitments overseas). Nice to be back where it is slightly warmer, but now I have two younger children to mind while they are on holidays. Whew. They sure do move quickly!

  16. Taking care of yourself and Jim are indeed the most important things. You have a lot on your plate just now. I hope that Jim's treatments are effective and that the side effects will be minimal. Praying for you and Jim.

  17. Donna, you and your sweet Jim are in my heart and my prayers. I have learned from my own experience that this life requires great faith, and as we exercise that faith, immeasurable comfort surely comes. Far-away hugs!

  18. Sending prayer to you both sweet friend...always!


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