July 20, 2013

Mid-July Ruminations & Cogitations

I thought I’d give you a little mid-month update of what’s happening around the Grey Havens cottage!

Mister Jim finished up his first cycle of chemo last week and had this week off from treatments. However, he didn’t get through the week without a doctor’s appointment. He visited his internist for stabilization of his persnickety blood sugar levels. You’ll be happy to hear that Jim has done very well with the chemo so far. He’s more tired than normal, but otherwise he is not feeling any other adverse effects. He’ll have another CAT scan after the second chemo cycle, and then we’ll know whether surgery can proceed as planned in September. Thank you for all of your continued prayers during his treatments!

I had cataract surgery on my right (non-dominant) eye yesterday morning, and it went smoothly. I had a big bandage and protector over it until this morning. I have a persistent headache, darn it all. But I can see! God bless medical technology. Thank you for all the prayers and encouragement. I’ll be counting on your support again when the other eye is fixed, hopefully sometime in August.

Since the pupil is still dilated, everything is too bright at the moment and a tad blurry. But the doctor said that my vision should stabilize in the next day or two. When the bandage was removed, I was shocked to see that the door and trim in my doctor’s office is white and not yellow. It is no wonder that I have been struggling so much with color balance in Photoshop! Yikes.

I have to be careful not to rub the eye for the next week, wear the protector at night, and continue using three different eye drops. Oh yes, and my face will be totally naked of cosmetics for a while too. Ugh. I will hide in the house as much as possible and wear big sunglasses whenever I go out. I sure don’t want to frighten small children and animals!

I’ve gotten behind again on reading blogs. And I expect it may take me a while to catch up. I hope everything is going well in your corner of the world!


  1. i bet you are as beautiful as ever without a stitch of make-up because of your heart that shines through your face. :)

    glad your surgery went well and jim is doing okay, too!

  2. Great reports on both of you... Glad that hubby is able to do so well despite the chemo... That's TERRIFIC.

    AND--glad that your surgery went well. I know you will be so glad to be able to SEE again!!!!!

    You are so pretty --and definitely do not need make-up. I quit wearing it several years ago--but I'm older than you... I never wore much --but don't bother with any these days... I'm just happy being ME.


  3. Well you take Blogger of the Year award with a post this soon after eye surgery. Very happy to read that everything went well. I'd not worry about small children and animals. If John didn't frighten anyone, you won't. Ha! Glad also to know that your Jim is over this first hurdle and has done well. Excellent. Now I'm hoping that you're ordering in and having a nice evening of English comedies or something.

  4. Glad the chemo is going well for Jim so far...and glad your eye surgery went well too! So does this mean that you pictures are going to get even more stunning since you can see the colors so much better? Because I just don't know if I can take anymore stun!!!! LOL!!

  5. Well, I didn't expect to hear from you so soon after your cataract surgery. Glad to hear that things have gone well for both of you. Take care of yourselves. Vee had some good suggestions.

  6. You know I'm praying for you both.


  7. What good news, hopefully both of you will continue to do better. I'm always amazed at how eye surgery changes a person. Glad to hear Jim is doing o.k. I know it's not fun, but the alternative is not either. I'll most certainly keep you both in my prayers. Keep an eye out, just kidding.

  8. Your a strong and brave woman and I'll bet you look just lovely without any makeup. Children will not fear that your going to eat them!! Also very happy that your Jim is coping well with the Chemo. Hang in there sister!

  9. That's wonderful news X 2 - both Jim and you managing to deal with the bad things life sometimes throws at us unfortunately.

    Sending wishes for a quick healing for you Donna - mind the rules and you will be good as new soon, well you will after the second one is done! As for Jim, glad he is coping well and hope all continues to go fine for that dear man.

    Blessings coming your way.
    Hugs - Mary X

  10. Wow, Donna! I was amazed to see you pop in so soon...but thrilled to hear the good reports on both of you! Don't worry about catching up. Some seasons require different things. Just take care of your hubby and yourself, and keep us posted when you can!

  11. As much as I was surprised to find wifi at the cottage this year, so too am I to find a post from you Donna.
    Glad your surgery went well, you'll know what to expect for August.
    We have a couple of dear friends both having chemo sessions so know how tired Jim must be.
    I'm sending continued prayers of support for you both.

  12. I commented on your Anniversary post before I read this one. I'm terribly behind on blog reading. I'm happy your eye surgery went well, and that Jim is tolerating the chemo. I did search through your posts and read about Jim's diagnosis. I'm keeping him in my prayers, as well as you! Sending love and hugs!
    Nita Jo

  13. glad to hear that Jim is getting through the chemo ok and that your surgery went well.

  14. I know your glad for this past week to be over. I'm glad things went well with your surgery and I'll keep praying for you both! Sweet hugs!

  15. So glad to hear that you and Mr. Jim are doing well. Good news! Keep doing what you're doing and soon you will be seeing everything little old thing!

  16. Glad to hear that things are proceeding on schedule with Master Jim! Good for him!
    And surgery on your eye? Wow, I Am behind! But no matter on your color focusing Miz Donna! Your edits are beautiful as ever!

  17. Hi Donna, Glad your eye surgery went well and that Jim's feeling okay in spite of his chemo treatments.

    Be well and be happy, is my prayer for you both.

  18. Thank you for the update my friend. I've been praying and I'm glad to hear that his chemo is going well. And really glad your surgery went well. I was meaning to talk to you about your editing. JUST KIDDING!!
    Love ya!


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