July 16, 2013

Vee's Note Card Party - Young Brown Bear

Once again, it’s time for Vee’s monthly note card party!

A Haven for Vee

After finding out about the live video cams at Brooks Falls, I have bears on the brain. So my note cards this month feature four of my bear photos from our 2011 trip to Katmai National Park. Not only would children and men enjoy note cards like these, but also photographers and nature lovers!

This endearing young bear fished in the lower river area, several miles downstream of the waterfalls and away from the bigger bears.

These note card parties are such fun! I hope you will have time to stop by A Haven for Vee and visit with her other participants!

P.S. This Friday, I am having cataract surgery on my right eye. Prayers are welcomed! Photographers aren't worth a plug nickel if they can't see well!


  1. oh, good luck with surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    prayers that all will be well.

  2. You know I'm on the prayer team. I'm wondering how your photography might change as the result of this surgery. Now that you'll be able to see so much better. John noticed how vivid colors were for him right away. Time will tell!

    Yes, this is a perfect set for men and boys. My grands would love them!

    I have spent so much time watching the nature cam. It's too much fun.

  3. What a cute bear! He makes a great notecard set. I hope your eye surgery goes well. That is one of my fear to lose my sight and not be able to take photos. Blessings to you! Pam

  4. I'm keeping you and your hubby both in my prayers. I love your choices for a set of cards. What expressions this guy has. Looks like a face a bear artist would study for a painting. I felt like we were both famous this afternoon, when I saw Vee had mentioned us both. Just look what we're learning and sharing with your photo challenge! KUDOS to you, my friend!

  5. What a cute and powerful looking little fellow. I'm glad you have bears on the brain, they are one animal I like to look at photos of and these are perfect.
    You know I'm on the team with Vee.

  6. Amazing that your head knows it's a bear, but your heart kind of thinks its just adorable. I guess bears are like that. I wouldn't get close enough to know because I have a cheap old shiny red Kodak and a yellow streak up my spine. Wonderful pictures!

  7. Love all these but especially that third shot! What great note cards these would make! Hope your surgery goes well--my mom had that done and didn't have any problems after.

  8. Hi Donna, Love your 'post cards' today... Perfect!!!!! Hope you get back to Alaska again --and you'll be able to even see BETTER...
    Prayers for your upcoming surgery...

  9. Love these images, Donna. The bear looks close enough to stroke - but I hope you used a telephoto lens. Wonderful glimpses of wild nature.

    I hope the cataract surgery goes well tomorrow and that your husband is doing as well as can be expected. Prayers for both of you.

  10. I'll be praying Donna!
    Great photos-I love he got
    some yummy fish.

  11. I'm in your corner. Lots of prayers and good wishes here.
    I love this Bear!!

  12. Many blessings and good luck with the surgery...this surgery goes very well, indeed.

    I love your bear cards..:)

  13. Very cool notecards! I'm praying right now for you and your cataract surgery.

  14. Splendid note card choices. Praying all goes well with your surgery.

  15. Great idea for cards! Guys, kids, nature lovers...

    Praying for you now that your surgery will go well! My dad has been very pleased with his cataract surgery! His vision is amazing now!


  16. How on EARTH did you get so close t o a bear???? Young or not, yikes is what I say!

    Praying for your quick, perfect surgery and quick, perfect healing.

    You are in God's Good Hands, worry and fear not, ok?


  17. I'm visiting from Vee's. I love your choices for note cards. They are wonderful for the nature lovers. I'll put you on my prayer list, hope all goes well for you!

  18. Great bear shots, Donna! Sending prayers your way!!

  19. Loving these wonderful bear photos! Since I am a new-ish follower, these are all new to me, so I am glad that you shared these at the party! Bears are so charming, I think...you just want to give them a bear hug, don't you?

    I am praying that all goes well with your surgery tomorrow!

  20. The cute bear would be a great subject for a children's book.


  21. Oh! These pictures are wonderful! He is so cute! I want to give him a big hug. He look so cuddly and friendly.

  22. What fantastic shots of this cub! I think it is a great idea to have these live cams. Have to see if can find anything on the web. Thanks for stopping by, and good luck on Friday. You'll do fine. xo

  23. BEAUTIFUL captures of the bear. It's like you were sitting right next to it! Oh, they are beautiful creatures and your 'note cards' are worthy of a gift shop in Alaska! Or anywhere there are bears!

    Good luck with your surgery. I heard it's a piece of cake!

  24. These pictures are perfect for cards.
    I'll be thinking of you Friday and sending lots of good thoughts and prayers your way


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