August 2, 2013

August - A Look Ahead

My photo desk calendar keeps getting flipped, whether I’m ready or not! July was another whirlwind month for us, filled with lots of doctor appointments. This summer is not turning out exactly the way we planned. But onward we roll.

Mr. Jim just had his second chemo injection of his second chemo cycle. One more to go, and then he’ll have a CAT scan scheduled to determine the next course of action. We have our fingers crossed that he can have surgery in September. He hasn’t been feeling his usual chipper self for the past couple of weeks. Jim’s internist has changed him over to insulin shots, and Jim’s blood sugar levels have been too high ever since. We’re sure that the steroids during chemo aren’t helping the situation. But the reality is that Jim’s pancreas is diseased, and it is going to be difficult to control blood sugar levels. So I’m counting on our dear friends to continue to keep him in their prayers. We're mighty grateful!

Earlier this week, I had my final checkup on my right eye. I’m happy to report that it is completely healed and the eyesight has settled into the exact prescription that the doctor believed was needed. So thank you, dear friends, for all the good wishes and prayers. I’m counting on you once again when I have cataract surgery on my dominant left eye. The surgery is scheduled for the 13th. I’m anxious to get it all behind me this month. I fondly remember the days when my routine schedule didn’t revolve around eye drops, LOL.

I finished up the antibiotics for my sinus infection this past Monday. And the infection is now back. Oh joy. I started taking a new prescription today.

I got a little jolt of crafting creativity lately. So I’m busy making messes in my studio. Perhaps I will share my creations with you later on this month. Perhaps I won’t. I’m fickle like that!

You’re probably getting sick and tired of seeing scenic photos our Utah journey. Well, get over it because you’ll probably see more of them this month. Ha! In August last year, we spent a couple of weeks in Montana. So I’m going to hark back to that traveling adventure and share some scenic photos from Big Sky Country, just for some needed variety. I may also pop in a few more posts with blogging/pinning tips. I took some snapshots of our glorious daylily blooms this summer. Those will be served up as soon as I put the file editing tasks at the top of my to-do list.

I’m usually sweet and reserved, but I seem to be channeling my inner feisty girl lately. So you can look forward this month to me featuring a long and humorous rant post. What will the subject be about? No, not politics. I won’t dip my toe in that raging river at the present time. I’ll keep you in suspense because you need to be on the lookout for it!

"Water" is the theme for this month’s photo challenge. The linking party on my companion blog, A Personal Photo Challenge, is scheduled for August 10. Gosh, these challenges have been a whole lot of fun, and I have gotten some really nice feedback from the participants. I’d hate for you to miss out on all the fun we’re having. So why not join in this time and give it a whirl?

I hope that you have an enjoyable month, my friends, and make some additional memories for the summer of 2013!


  1. i can certainly understand why jim is not feeling all that well. chemo, blood sugar levels - wreaking havoc. bless him.

    and the 13th will be here before you know it! i hope that will go as well as the other eye!

  2. You are being a bit feisty aren't ya? LOL! I think we all deserve to be feisty at one time or another.
    I hope you do show us your craftiness. I'd love to see it.
    So glad to hear about your eye and we are still keeping Jim (and you) in our prayers.
    Hang in there my friend.

  3. Feisty? I can't imagine why! And right in the middle of everything a sinus infection. Really? Unbelievable. Glad that you've got the doc on speed dial. Keeping both you and Jim tucked in my prayers.

    I've been taking a lot of pictures of water over the past few weeks...still have no clue what I'm doing.

    Any pictures you want to show me, any words you want to say, I'll be here to see them and read them.

    Carry on, Oh Feisty One!

  4. I was thinking almost exactly what your friend, Vee, wrote! Personally, I like feisty! :)

    You know I'm keeping you both in my prayers. Please remember to take care of yourself while taking care of Mr Jim.

    Love you bunches!

  5. I'm glad to hear you're feeling need it for all you've been going through this summer. I keep you and Jim both in my prayers and I'll say an extra prayer when you have this next surgery. I'm glad to hear you got a good report on the first one. I'm anxious to hear what you have planned for a post...I always worry that I'm going to be guilty of something dumb! heehee! Guess what? I worked on my water post today! Sweet hugs!

  6. Hi Girlie, So glad your right eye is doing so well. You said that your left eye is your 'dominant' eye... Why is that? Are you left handed? I am --and have never thought about either eye being dominant.... Hmmmmmmmm....

    I love all of your photos no matter where they are from... You take the BEST ones of most anyone I know!!!!!

    If you have a chance, check out my blog post today.. I did a Roses post --and hopefully, you will like it.


  7. Donna
    You have had quite a time of it lately! I am praying for you and Jim both.
    Sometimes feisty is just what's needed in life. I will await the rant!

  8. Yes, those calendars do keep turning, don't they? I have found on several occasions of extended medical happenings that time seems to warp. On the one hand, time is flying by faster than you want it to, and on the other hand, days and minutes seem interminably long. It is all surreal, and yet you keep forging ahead doing the best that you can do. I have also found that I am keenly aware of my need for Him during these times...I promise to keep you and your Jim in my prayers!

  9. Thinking of you Donna, and Jim too this month.
    Hope you get to enjoy more of the crafty stuff.
    wish I could get on with some,
    at the moment I am just knitting squares for a rug.
    Prayers for you both.
    Will see if I can take some water photos.
    A bit difficult when the camera wont work.

  10. Feisty is good... Helps you cope. Any photos you publish will be welcome and pleasing. God Bless both of you.

  11. There's lots going on in your life these days. I hope Mr. Jim takes it easy, and that the chemo will do what it's supposed to do.
    Water! I'm going to check on your other blog and see what's up! You have such great links that help me take better pictures.
    Looking forward to your rant and other posts in August.

  12. Prayers, dear one. It's what I can offer. God bless you both.
    Hugs, Jackie

  13. Oh my, your eye surgery is right around the corner. I will add it to my list of things to pray for, on your behalf. Meanwhile give Mr. Jim my fondest regards and assure him of my prayers and concern!

  14. Somehow I missed this post so I'm catching up with you - a bit belated. I'm still praying. You can count on me! My cousin's hubby had a kidney transplant last year and his blood sugar is elevated because of the steroids he has to take as part of his anti-rejection routine. I love the feisty you! You can be feisty any time!

  15. Well...I see nothing but Blue Skies for you Both!
    I'm one of those "positive" people even in the midst of the know...a moron with hope...Hahahaaa....
    Ahhh Babydoll, sending prayers every night!


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