September 20, 2013

Mid-September Ruminations & Cogitations

I have been busy, as you can well imagine, and my attentions have been scattered like buckshot. But like the little hummingbird above, things are looking up here at Grey Havens cottage!

I know that many of you have been waiting to hear how Mr. Jim is doing. So here’s the scoop! The pancreatic surgeon removed the cancer lesions and dozens (and dozens) of lymph nodes. True to his nature, Mr. Jim has been a total champ on his recuperation from pancreatic surgery and the surgical team has been amazed at his healing progress. He was going to get out of the hospital on Monday, but a delay in scheduling a test caused him to get released on Tuesday instead.

Despite the removal of portions of his digestion system and reattachments, he began eating solid food three days after the surgery. Because his appetite and plumbing have been working so well, supplemental nutrition through a feeding tube hasn’t been required since this past Sunday. He also went home without a drain tube. We’ll be conferring with the surgeon on Monday to plan out a treatment protocol based on the pathology report. Look for more news later.

We greatly appreciate all of the prayers, e-mails, and cards from our friends! The good wishes by so many caring and thoughtful folks have certainly lifted our spirits. Mr. Jim is glad to be back home and resting without the noise and restrictions of a hospital environment. He’s been amazingly active, and I have to admonish him to rest more. I’m getting some rest too.

I jumped the gun on the calendar a tad and hung a decorative fall wreath above our front door yesterday. I’m going to blame it on the cooler weather! Our little Stickley table in the front hall also received attention. It is now adorned with an antique cut-glass bowl filled with handmade fabric acorns and leaves. An adorable hooked rug with a fall theme decorates the pantry door in the kitchen. If Mr. Jim is feeling well enough for little jaunt over to a nearby town, we’ll go to a greenhouse tomorrow and buy some colorful mums for the front porch. And that will be the extent of my fall decorating here at the cottage!

Once activities settle down here in the next few weeks, I plan to go through some training for using Adobe’s Lightroom 5. The program has being provided as part of my subscription to Photoshop CC, and I downloaded it a couple of days ago. Learning digital photography software is a never-ending task for me!

I plan to soon post a response to a lot of thoughtful questions that dear Irene (Irene's desk) asked me a while back, right when my computer decide to crash. I haven’t forgotten, Miz Irene! And a thank you post will be forthcoming for sweet Judith (Lavender Cottage) who sent me a wonderful surprise gift package to cheer me.

Over on my other blog, A Personal Photo Challenge, there were a lot of enthusiastic photographers who took part in the “Windows and Doors” theme last weekend. Once it concluded, I announced the theme for the October 12th challenge. It’s “Food Photography!” I purposely scheduled it in advance of the holiday season because I know a lot of bloggers will be planning posts that showcase their favorite food creations and recipes. My announcement post includes a lot of helpful web sources that provide insight on how to produce professional looking food-related images. I hope you will put the October 12th date on your calendar and plan to join in on the challenge fun!

Porch-sitting weather has arrived here in east Tennessee, and we have been enjoying our rockers on the front porch and gliders on the back porch. Just in time, our view from the front of the cottage has improved immensely. The house construction across the street is almost completed! The installation of the landscaping and grass made a dramatic improvement. Photos are forthcoming.

My blog visiting has been greatly curtailed for the past couple of weeks. I appreciate your continued understanding about my lack of visiting. I’ll attempt to catch up before the calendar switches over to October!


  1. SO glad to hear jim is home and both of you can get more rest! truly glad he is doing SO well, too!!! bless you both as this chapter in your lives continues forward. :)

  2. So glad to hear that Mr Jim is doing so well. Wishing him continued progress in his recovery.
    I've thought about doing some fall decorating but just haven't felt like pulling out what I've got.

  3. Fabulous, wonderful news..............Jim coming home so soon, what a trooper he is!
    We are so thrilled that things are progressing well Donna - and now you are wearing your nurse's cap I hope you still remember to take care of you too. Nurses work so very hard!

    Love and hugs - Mary

  4. Oh what a precious hummingbird photo. A little hummingbird got trapped in our garage several days ago. Erica became obsessed with freeing it. She ran to the Internet and read that they can quickly starve if they cannot get out. So she put some sugar water near the top of an open door and eventually the little thing escaped. I was so tickled by how Erica could not let it go! And the Lord, who sees every sparrow that falls, will not let your Jim go. He will be Jim's strength and comfort as he will be yours. I'm so happy with the good report. You've both been almost constantly on my mind. Many prayers have been breathed for you! Take excellent care of yourself because as soon as you have a few minutes to stitch together, I have a burning question to ask you! About photography, LOL ... what else?

  5. So pleased to hear of Jim's progress Donna, and that he is able to be at home now. That is wonderful.
    And thanks for visiting my post for Kate. Sweet.

  6. you both need rest has been quite an ordeal ..he is amazing and Iam pleased to hear of Jim's progress . I know he will continue to give this ( and has already) his best effort! know you are in our thoughts and prayers..

  7. Thank you so much for the update. I've been praying for a good report. But I'll keep on praying till he's healed.
    I've been doing a little Fall decorating but I can't blame it on the cooler weather for it is non-existent. LOL!
    Sending you another big hug today. {{{{{HUG}}}}
    Your friend,

  8. Hello Donna
    Good news that Jim is home now, one recuperates much faster in the comforts of home. I don't have a lot of autumn decor either, but what I do have is special to me. The little rug of yours is cute, patriotic little birdie.
    I admire you for taking on another photography challenge with Lightroom and know you'll do well. I think I've found my comfort zone with the several free editing programs I use and hope to improve my food photos after reading your links.
    Rocking on the front porch sounds cozy to me, enjoy your weekend.

  9. Oh you just can't keep a good man down! Wonderful news all around. It is thrilling to hear that Jim feels like moving at all. Now I do hope that he'll get lots of sleep and pace himself.

    Gotta be impressed with a gal who wants to learn more and more even when I feel that she has reached the pinnacle. ☺

    Food. Love it. Can't photograph it. Perhaps I'll learn enough to allow me to participate. One thing is sure...I can't be practicing with John's plate. He likes his food hot!

  10. Your hummingbird pictures just amaze me, gorgeous they are and so unique.
    Glad Mr. Jim is such a trooper and healing up well.
    Sending the very best wishes for you both for a beautiful weekend.

  11. Glad Jim is home and doing so well.. He really is a trooper... People with his kind of attitude and fortitude are the ones who live the longest.. God Bless him ---and YOU...

    We are in Williamsburg on vacation this week... Fun Fun...


  12. So glad Mr. Jim is doing well with his recovery. Love your little bird.

  13. I'm so happy to hear that Jim is at home definitely get better rest in your own bed. We'll continue to keep you both in our prayers. Take care and God bless you both! Sweet hugs, Diane

  14. Good news is always welcome. Glad Jim is doing so well, and that you are getting some rest.


  15. Wonderful--he will feel better and heal quicker at home. Amazing what the medical world can do nowadays. Love those pictures--my hummers need to be heading south, so I have no refilled their feeder and will take it down this week. We are heading into the coolness of autumn!

  16. Such good news about Mr. Jim. So glad he's improving so quickly. Your hummingbird photos have been amazing. I just sit and stare in awe...seriously.

    I love the hook rug. Did you make it? I've thought about giving that a go. Might have to run to Hobby Lobby soon and get me a kit. Hope you enjoy the cooler weather. Today was fabulous. Have a good weekend!

  17. Wow...your Mr. Jim must be quite a trooper! It's such good news that he is progressing so well...amazing even! I continue to pray for him (and for you), as his treatment and care are ongoing.

    I love your autumn touches. I am an autumn girl through and through, and the sight of that wreath and the hooked rug wall hanging...well, they make me swoon!

  18. Yay! For Mr Jim!!! That's great to hear and I hope continued improvement as he recovers x...

  19. SO glad Jim is doing so Well!! I'm loving the hummer's stance! Looking we all should.
    Prayers and hugs to you and Jim sweet friend!

  20. I am glad to hear Jim's surgery went well and he is home and recuperating! I am sending prayers for healing and comfort. Your photography is really beautiful, Donna!

  21. So happy to know your dear Jim is doing so well. When I visited here this morning I thought I might read news about the house across the street... never did I think you were going through such a trial. I read several posts back to catch up. Relieved to hear prayers are being answered each day. Far away hugs, dear friend.

  22. I'm so glad Jim is home and recuperating! I pray that his treatment protocol is completely successful and that he will be back in fighting form soon!

  23. I'm catching up on blog commenting, too. So very glad to hear that Mr. Jim is doing so well. Hooray and Thanks be to God.
    Your fall touches are just perfect. Sometimes less is more. Hugs.

  24. Hi Donna, it's a pleasure to meet you. I am so sorry to hear about your husband's ordeal with cancer. Such a deadly disease. Good doctors and a postive attitude helps. I do know, because I just went through my second bout of ovarian cancer. I also have thyroid cancer, so another surgery is due. Take care of you and your hubby. Love the humming bird photo Blessings from your newest follower. I just came over from Vee's blog. She reached out to me yesterday for blog help.

  25. Very glad to here this news. I came in just to see how your guy is doing. I'm a bit behind here, life has become quite demanding this past week but I'll be back.


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